The holidays are approaching, and we’re here to help with your last-minute shopping needs. From sencha enthusiasts to first-time drinkers, we point you in the direction of selections for every person on your shopping list.

Looking for a modest stocking stuffer or a stunning centerpiece? Our guide has it all. If you are still undecided, why not browse our all year round Gift Ideas page ? You will find anything a tea beginner or a fine connoisseur could wish.


For Green Tea Beginners

If you want to tempt a tea drinker who has yet to explore the wide world of sencha, why not ease them in gently? ATSUKO, NAOMI and IKKI are our suggestions, each providing a vivid window into the delights of Kyushu sencha. IKKI, our excellent twig tea, is an especially popular choice among our clients, perhaps because of its incredible aroma—an affordable sensation.

ATSUKO - High-Grade Sencha

Sale price ¥1,700


First harvest tea (Shincha 2023)

Mizota san expertly blended the Yabukita and Saemidori cultivars to create the lightly steamed ATSUKO sencha. This tea is a very accessible, high-quality sencha to enjoy daily. It has a vibrant and sweet liquor with notes of fresh bean sprouts, watercress, and lily. Mizota san was able to create a tea that tastes like springtime, with a simple and elegant liquor.

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IKKI - High-Grade Shiraore

Sale price ¥1,300


2023 harvest

This high-grade kukicha, or shiraore, is a great offering from Nakayama san in Higashi-Sonogi and one of our all-time bestselling teas. IKKI’s bright green liquor is filled with refreshing citrus notes with hints of steamed asparagus and barley.

IKKI can be enjoyed throughout the day, as a nice afternoon tea, or a refreshing cold brew or iced tea. A sweet price for a 100g bag of stunning green tea.

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NAOMI - Premium Organic Sencha

Regular price ¥3,600


First harvest 2023

This delicious organic sencha from Chiran area (Kagoshima) is plucked during the first harvest by Orita san, one of the first tea producers to turn to organic farming in Japan in the 1970s.

This deep-steamed (fukamushi) sencha is the perfect tea if you are looking for one with a full, rich mouthfeel. Orita-san has created a tea that beautifully represents Chiran. This tea is very aromatic and vibrant, and has notes of fresh spinach, pea tendrils, and yuzu peel.

Now in 100g, and also available in bulk quantities (15% off for 5 bags, and 20% off on packs of 1kg)

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A Little Something

These teas are a treat to stave off a winter chill, and provide a slightly different experience for curious drinkers. KOHEI is Gaba-rich and perfect for a soothing, cozy night in; JIRO hojicha is captures a crackling fire in a nutty, flavorful cup; and MASAMI is our roasty toasty perfect genmaicha.

Sale price ¥1,400


Health-oriented tea KOHEI is an organic green tea grown and processed by Takahashi san in Oita to increase its levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a natural component of green tea.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter also found in human bodies. Its main role is to reduce neuronal excitability. Research has shown that GABA contributes to preventing high blood pressure, helps with sleep disorders, and reduces stress and anxiety.
Thanks to the combination of GABA with other healthy nutrients specific to tea such as l-theanine and other polyphenols, GABA-rich tea has a deeper impact than regular green tea on chronic stress-induced autonomic imbalance, and related risks for cardiovascular disease (see examples of recent studies published here, here and here).
Grown by the producer of our super popular KOJI and KOTARO tamaryokucha, KOHEI greets you with a delicious gingerbread aroma when you first open its bag. Its beautiful pale golden liquor is sweet, refreshing, easy to drink, with hints of cinnamon and citrus notes and leaves a pleasant bitterness on the tongue. Its positive impact on sleep disorders and low levels of caffeine make it a great late afternoon or early evening tea.
Our team fell in love with the cute design of KOHEI's original bag made by Takahashi san and decided to keep it as it is. The drawing represents Takahashi san and his mother who leads family business alongside him, and was based on this photography (see in the picture gallery).
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JIRO - Premium Organic Houjicha

Regular price ¥1,450


This premium organic houjicha is comprised of lightly roasted, golden-hued stems made from the highest-grade, first-harvest kukicha (shiraore). Its fragrant, cedar-like aroma is followed by a sweet, light-bodied liquor. The tea is accented with notes of maple sap, toasted hazelnut, and light caramel. This comforting tea is the perfect tea to enjoy with a meal or to end your day with.

You can enjoy the whole leaves brewed with either hot water or cold water (using one of the filter-in bottles available here).

JIRO houjicha comes in whole leaves and in powder, which is perfect to bake cakes and cookies, to make houjicha latte or simply mixed with cold or hot water to prepare it on the go or at the office. Like with matcha, powdered houjicha gives you the chance to ingest the entire tea leaves, and so you benefit from all their nutrients!

JIRO is made by Irie san in Yame, according to the same strict rules he uses for our best-selling high-grade sencha, JUN: zero pesticides, zero chemicals, respectful of the soil and the environment that allows his tea leaves to grow strong and beautiful at the top of Yame mountains. And don't forget to pair JIRO with Mariëlla's Satay recipe !

Did you know?

Roasted in porcelain pot over charcoal, houjicha is made from green tea leaves and stems that have been steamed. Houjicha is still green tea despite its chestnut color that will remind you of black tea. The fermentation process has been stopped, so you benefit from the full power of green tea antioxidants. Super easy to prepare, you simply pour boiling water over it and let it brew for 30 seconds.

The roasting process lowers the caffeine contents of the tea, and so houjicha has next to no bitterness and it can be enjoyed anytime during the day by everyone. Very affordable yet delicious, houjicha is loved by families and tea farmers throughout Japan, especially during meals.

*Due to the packaging size, JIRO (whole leaves) is only available in plain bag (no washi wrapping).

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MASAMI - Premium Organic Genmaicha

Sale price ¥1,600


2023 harvest

Easy to prepare and comforting, genmaicha is one of the most popular kinds of green tea around the world. This premium organic genmaicha combines organic sencha leaves and toasted organic rice kernels. Its leaves are plucked in May, contributing to its quality and flavor.

The rice kernels of MASAMI premium organic genmaicha are toasted and puffed, but this tea doesn’t include “popped” kernels, a sign of its exceptional quality. From the moment you open the bag, its warm and toasted rice aroma will make your mouth water. After a quick and easy steeping (using boiling water), you will enjoy its nutty and toasty flavor. This tea is the perfect meal companion but with its very low levels of caffeine, it will warm and comfort you anytime during the day.

For coffee lovers, with its roasted flavor, genmaicha is also an excellent way to ease into the world of green tea. You can steep this tea several times if your first brew doesn’t last more than sixty seconds.

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30 to 75 USD

For the Matcha Maniacs

We recommend a silver can of our MIYUKI matcha as a welcome addition to any matcha lover’s collection. Consider this a delicious replacement to a bottle of fine wine you might send along this holiday season. A fan favourite.

MIYUKI - Premium Organic Matcha

Sale price ¥3,700


Organic matcha is rare in Japan in general, and in Kyushu in particular. Selected by the highly skilled team of Koga Cha Gyo in Yame, the leaves of this competition-grade organic matcha come from Kagoshima.

Hand-picked during the first harvest of the year, this ceremonial matcha is a true gem that will win the hearts of the most demanding matcha lovers. Its deep emerald color will impress you, along with its sweetness, perfumed notes and savory umami.

With its light touch of astringency and creamy aftertaste, this matcha offers you a refined experience. 

Food pairing recommendations

You may enjoy this tea by itself or pair it with a wagashi, a piece of chocolate, or a dark chocolate truffle. This matcha may also be paired with light seafood dishes or with a semi-soft cheese like smoked gouda or havarti, or sifted onto a salad with spring greens and fresh fruit, like strawberries.

For even more information and guidance on MIYUKI, you can enjoy the complete review by Alex Ahearn in our tasting corner. 

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A Whisk Above

Give your matcha-drinking friend a truly exquisite addition to their matcha set. The KUBO SABUN whisk is painstakingly hand-made by a 24th generation master. This elevated tool will take your sado practice to the next level.

KUBO SABUN - Dark Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Regular price ¥4,800


This elegant handmade matcha chasen in dark bamboo has 100 bristles and is suitable for whisking both thick (koicha) and thin (usucha) matcha. Easy to use and long-lasting, this whisk is used by tea ceremony teachers across Japan. It is decorated with a beautiful handwoven red thread.

Made in Takayama (Nara prefecture) by Kubo Masaki, the 24th generation of a chasen-making family, and recognized as National Living Treasure for his skills.

100% handmade dark bamboo whisk from Takayama (Japan)

For making thin Usucha (薄茶) and thick Koicha (濃茶) matcha

Quality and Type
Dark bamboo; 100 bristles

H: 12 cm, diameter: 6 cm

Use instructions

Handmade whisks are more fragile than those made in a factory because the bristles are much thinner. To avoid bending the bristles and breaking the chasen, don't press the tip of the chasen against the bottom of the bowl. 

Learn all you need to know about how to use a handmade chasen to prepare matcha with our tea instructor, Yuka san!

Care instructions

Before using a chasen for the first time, let it set in hot water for 10 minutes in your matcha bowl, head down. Only dip half of the hosaki, the strings of the chasen, in the water.

Afterward, wet the chasen a little before every use to soften the bristles for making more foam and prevent damaging them.

Cleaning instructions

Rinse your matcha whisk carefully by whisking it in clear hot water in the same bowl you used for preparing your matcha. Running water is acceptable but only if the flow is light, to avoid damaging the strings. If needed, use your fingers to gently remove remaining matcha.

Do not let the bamboo sit in water as it will damage the whisk. Do not put your matcha whisk in the dishwasher, dryer or use any dish soap!

Afterward, store your chasen either strings facing up (never directly in contact with a surface), or better yet, use a chasen holder (kusenaoshi) that will allow the bristles to dry and keep their shape.

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A Delight to Hold

A striking teacup is the perfect enhancement to a cup of tea. For a sophisticated touch of local clay, the white MADARA TEACUP captures a an early, snowy morning with the hint of a dark pine forest in the background. For a matcha cup that captures the colours of the season, the KEMARI BALL MATCH BOWL delivers a traditional striped ball design edged in gold.


Regular price ¥8,000


A delicate and exquisite white tea cup in clay, made in accordance with the Madara Karatsu style (going back to the 16th century), also called “White Karatsu ware”. This cup was glazed with an opaque high silica, using rice straw ash, which melts and interacts with the iron in the clay body and the ash from the pinewood used in the kiln.

This creates a milky surface mottled with spots or areas of blue and black. An exceptional tea cup handmade at the kiln of the 14th generation Nakazato Tarouemon in Karatsu, under his direct supervision.

Sold in a wooden box decorated with hand calligraphy, for a special gift.


Height: 6.2 cm
Diameter: 6.8 cm
Capacity: 80ml

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MIYAJI EIKO - Kemari Bowl

Regular price ¥4,000


A nice and elegant cream matcha bowl (chawan) in ceramics with a kemari ball design, from the Miyaji Eiko kilns. A kemari ball was a kind of football used by courtiers at the Imperial court in pre-modern times.

Recommended for matcha and tea ceremony beginners.

Miyaji Eiko is the name of a famous matcha-making brand in Kyoto and represents the hard work and skills of several bowl designers, potters and painters specialized in ceramics painting, all coming together to bring premium quality chawan at a reasonable price for everyday use. This 'division of labor' between specialists makes it possible to produce affordable high-quality bowls. Miyaji Eiko bowls are inspired by traditional and unique pieces.

Height: 7,5cm - 2.95 inches
Diameter: 12,5cm - 4.9 inches

To enjoy your matcha, it is recommended to use a bowl designed for its preparation as well as a chasen (bamboo whisk). A bamboo scoop will provide the exact quantity (2g). (Whisk and scoop sold separately)

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No More Gift Baskets

Instead of a plastic-wrapped bunch of pears, give the gift of quality tea with our IKKYU EXCELLENCE BOX. This selection of teas (SATORI, MITSUE, and AIKO) are perfect for gyokuro fans and a brilliant introduction to the genre for others.

IKKYU - Excellence Box

Regular price ¥11,450


This gift box brings together 3 x 50g of some of the finest green teas made in Kyushu, and is the perfect gift for the most discerning tea connoisseurs looking for an unforgettable experience.
Enjoy the incredible taste range and powerful umami of MITSUE Competition-grade Sencha, SATORI Dento Hon Gyokuro, and AIKO Premium Sencha. The teas are wrapped by an extra thin sheet of traditional Japanese paper (Washi).

The box includes a detailed description of each tea, brewing instructions and the producers' profiles. The teas are wrapped by an extra thin sheet of traditional Japanese paper (Washi). The box includes a detailed description of each tea, brewing instructions and the producers' profiles.
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100 USD & UP

The Whole Package

If you’ve a loved one or friend who enjoys meditative moments in the morning, might we suggest the LUXURY MATCHA SET? A health-conscious alternative to a fine espresso or the ever-present morning latte, this matcha set includes everything needed to convert your friends to the matcha experience. Function, beauty, and flavor all wrapped in an elegant Ikkyu box.

Luxury Matcha Set

Regular price ¥18,000


Here is what you will find in this unique and beautiful matcha box, 100% made in Japan!

Premium organic matcha MIYUKI

Selected by the highly skilled team of Koga Cha Gyo in Yame, the leaves of premium organic matcha MIYUKI grow in Kagoshima. Hand-picked during the first harvest of the year, this ceremonial-grade has a deep emerald color and exceptional sweetness. Enjoy its savory umami and creamy aftertaste.

Chasen (matcha whisk)

A handmade chasen in natural white bamboo with 100 bristles and decorated with a black thread woven by hand. Made in Takayama (Nara prefecture) by Kubo Masaki, the 24th generation of a chasen-making family, and recognized as National Living Treasure for his skills. 

Handmade whisks are more fragile than those made in a factory because the bristles are much thinner. To avoid bending the bristles and breaking the chasen, don't press the tip of the chasen against the bottom of the bowl and don't use force.

Chawan (matcha bowl)

An elegant chawan in ceramics with a painting of the Dairibina, the festival dolls representing the imperial couple, from the Miyaji Eiko kilns in Kyoto.

Whisk holder

A whisk holder is a key accessory to keep your precious chasen in perfect shape and make sure it dries properly.

Bamboo scoop

Light and elegant, this bamboo scoop will give you the exact quantity of powder you need to prepare your matcha.

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Shock and Awe

Bring out the big guns with the highest quality gyokuro for those with the most discerning palette. SATSUKI, our dento hon gyokuro, is excellence bar none. A handpicked blent of two incredible cultivars, it is guaranteed to enchant and impress. A special selection by Tea Master Kiya san.

SATSUKI - Premium Dento Hon Gyokuro

Regular price ¥22,000


With SATSUKI, we bring you one of the crown jewels of tea master Kiya san. Grown and handpicked in Yame, this dento Hon Gyokuro is an extraordinary blend of the rare and exceptional Kirari31 cultivar and the sweeter Saemidori, the two best cultivars for making gyokuro. Thanks to the skills of Kiya san, you will go on an unforgettable taste and flavor journey.

One of the main features of Kirari31 cultivar is the thicker mesophyll of its leaves that yields an exceptional level of rich and savory umami. The Saemidori cultivar brings floral and fruity notes to the cup. From the first sip, you will enjoy a savory broth-like feeling on your tongue, similar to traditional dashi soup, as well as edamame and chestnut notes. The round liquor will linger for a long while on your palate, with just the right level of astringency afterwards.

Up to five brews can be prepared with a gyokuro of such exceptional quality. We recommend following Kiya san’s steeping instructions for the first three brews.

If you’d like to learn more about Yame dento hon gyokuro, you can visit our special page about Gyokuro here as well as our Yame tea page. Please also watch the interview of Kiya san explaining about the parallels between green tea (especially gyokuro) and wine.


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