Karatsu Yaki is considered one of the top ceramic producers within the Japanese world of pottery with techniques including a Kick wheel, Climbing kiln, Wooden ash glaze (a glaze technique from Korea mainly made from charcoal) and its bright colors and simplicity.

The variety and style of Karatsu ware multiplied and was traded extensively throughout the country, becoming representative of Japanese ceramics. For example, in western Japan, the word for ceramic ware became “Karatsumono” (Karatsu ware). There is an old saying in the ranking of tea bowls: “First Ido, second Raku, third Karatsu”.

There are three famous pottery production sites known throughout Japan. Firstly, Ido yaki is produced in old Korea. Raku yaki is produced in Kyoto. Karatsu yaki is ranked third. Karatsu Yaki has been loved by many masters of tea ceremony since ancient times and there are many examples of famous Karatsu tea bowls in the tea ceremony.

Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with the Karatsu pottery association we are honoured to represent several pottery masters known all around Japan and offer you some of their crafts.

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