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Surprise someone special with our exquisite collection of luxury tea sets, each beautifully packaged in traditional wooden gift boxes or our signature IKKYU-designed gift boxes.

Originating from various terroirs across Kyushu island in Southwestern Japan, our exceptional teas have won national awards. Take your time to prepare and enjoy them, even here in Japan, those are considered precious and rare.

IKKYU is your premier destination for luxury tea gift sets. We’re dedicated to bringing rare flavours that celebrate the profound history and art of Japanese tea making.

Explore the rich tapestry of Japanese teas — from the nutty aromas of gyokuro to the signature green hues of matcha. Shop our luxury tea gift sets and treat yourself or a loved one to captivating blends.

Explore our luxury tea set collection

Discover the elegance of IKKYU's luxury tea gift sets, ideal for any occasion. Choose from individual gift boxes complete with essential teaware and sampler sets featuring our finest organic products. 

Each gift box promises a unique tasting experience, ideal for both connoisseurs and first-time drinkers.


Sencha is Japan's most beloved green tea. Our sencha selection is directly sourced from single-estate farmers all over Kyushu. They boast a sweeter and richer umami flavour thanks to the region's mild climate.

Impress a green tea enthusiast with our exclusive competition sencha box. Carefully prepared by tea master Koga-san, this award-winning sencha from Yame is elegantly packaged in a silver can and presented in a traditional wooden box adorned with hand-written calligraphy. 

Celebrated for its smooth texture, aromatic richness and silky finish, this luxury tea set makes the perfect indulgence for green tea lovers.


Gyokuro is a rare and intricate tea that demands extensive labour and expertise to produce. Our gyokuro tea is sourced from the renowned tea fields of Yame, Fukuoka, in the traditional fashion. It is distinguished by its unique cultivation process, where young leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for around 20 days. 

In Yame, traditional farmers employ natural rice straw for this purpose, crafting the famous 'Dento Hon Gyokuro,' the pinnacle of quality. This meticulous technique yields a harmonious balance of sweetness and earthiness, making gyokuro one of the most beloved varieties in the world. 

Delight a loved one with our gyokuro and china set, featuring 100g of award-winning gyokoru. This is paired with an elegant white porcelain tea set from Arita, one of Japan’s most famous porcelain-making areas.


Treat a matcha lover with our best-selling luxury matcha set. It contains 40g of the finest organic Miyuki matcha from Kagoshima, alongside a handcrafted chasen (matcha whisk), chawan (matcha bowl), bamboo scoop and whisk holder.

IKKYU’s exclusive gift boxes

Designed and selected by our team in collaboration with our producers, discover our exclusive IKKYU gift sets packed in elegant boxes and wrapped in delicate transparent washi paper.

  • Discovery Box: An exquisite gift set combining a premium white tea, a high-grade sencha and a high-grade organic tamaryokucha from Kyushu farmers, packaged in an elegant box. A perfect way to explore the extraordinary diversity of Japanese green tea.
  • Excellence Box: This set brings together some of the finest green teas made in Kyushu, and is the perfect gift for the most discerning tea connoisseurs looking for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the incredible taste range and powerful umami of a competition-grade fukamushi sencha from Chiran, a umami-rich dento hon gyokuro from Yame, and a sweet premium sencha from Yame.
  • Matcha Box: Discover the exquisite sweetness and quality of Kyushu-grown matcha with a premium matcha from Sonogi, a stone-milled matcha from Yame, and all-time favourite competition-level and premium-grade organic matcha grown in Kirishima, Kagoshima.
  • Organic Box: A wonderful gift to discover the exceptional quality of organic green tea tea. Among our all-time bestsellers, this competition-grade sencha from Saga, high-grade sencha from Yame and delicious premium tamaryokucha from Oita are praised for their sweetness and subtle umami, as well as notes of honey and wildflowers.

Shop luxury tea gift sets at IKKYU

Discover the most sought-after teas in the world with IKKYU’s luxury tea sets. Merging Japan's rich tea and ceramic traditions, our curated gift boxes aim to delight the senses and soothe the soul. Explore our selection and find the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life.

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