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Produced in Yame, this is a rare and exceptional Japanese white tea. Enjoy its silken texture, notes of narcissus, blanched spinach and sweet corn, and lingering sweetness.

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This rare “shiracha” or “golden sencha” produced in Yame by Koga-san is truly exceptional. This tea has a silken texture with a lingering sweetness and a depth of umami characteristics. The striking liquor has notes of narcissus, blanched spinach, and sweet corn with a rich texture that can be experienced and enjoyed over many steeps. This tea is a great option for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Produced in Yame, the origin of this white tea is a Chinese tea called Hakugouginshin (also called Shirogane Silver Needle). White tea is not fermented and thus belongs to the family of green teas such as Sencha, Gyokuro, or Kabusecha.

Called "shiracha" in Japanese, white tea is also known as "golden sencha" because of the pale green-yellow color of its leaves after brewing. Made in very small quantities in Japan, it is a rare product with even more health benefits than traditional green tea (up to three times more amino acids than in sencha). You can learn more about it here!

This tea received several distinctions and awards. Growing white tea in Yame is still at an experimental stage and we are proud to bring you this exceptional tea.

For even more details check out this wonderful review from famous tea blogger Nicole at Tea for me please.


Net Weight: 50g
Harvest: 2022
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Premium White Tea
Organic: No
Cultivars: White Tea
Conservation: 1 year unopened
Optimal tasting: within 6 weeks after opening

Producer Information


Koga Kumiko san represents the fourth generation at her family business KOGACHA GYO in Yame, Fukuoka. Working alongside her mother, president of the company, and her father, director of operations, she is a tea instructor.

Dedicated to lead her company through the challenges of the green tea industry in the 21st century, she is in charge of overseas sales. She also travels around the world to give tea seminars to introduce Yame green tea to foreign tea lovers.

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