Hekizan Onimaru II

White Kaoru Cup

Hekizan Onimaru II
Hekizan Onimaru II
Hekizan Onimaru II
Hekizan Onimaru II
Hekizan Onimaru II
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Exclusive on IKKYU! A beautiful handmade tea cup inspired by the shape of wine glasses and designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of green tea

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Exclusively on IKKYU.  We are proud to offer to green tea lovers all around the world the best cup to enjoy all the fragrances of premium green tea. Directly inspired by the shape of wine glasses, this cup, called “Kaoru cup” ("aroma cup"), is designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of green tea.

The shape and rare clay of the cup concentrates the fragrance of the tea just on your nose and the very thin and skillfully crafted lip will enhance the flow of liquid. Your tea experience will improve in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for you to drink your tea in another cup. This is what we experienced ourselves during our visit at the kiln. Many Japanese use this cup also for coffee, other hot or cold beverages such as beer!

Each cup is hand-made by the Onimaru Kiln, following the Takatori style tradition, comes with a wood box signed at the kiln. It is a great way to store your cup and protect it. It makes also a great presentation for a gift and is the insurance you are buying a carefully handcrafted Japanese product. This cup has been selected as one of “The Wonder 500™”, by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and in 2016, they were exhibited at the Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.

*Note: it is possible to order this item even if it is marked as momentarily out of the stock with us, but please note that it might take a few weeks before delivery as the potter does not have a large stock on his side and might need to make new ones. Our team will contact you if this is the case.

Diameter: 6 cm / 2.36in
Height: 8,5cm / 3,35in
Capacity: 245 ml / 8.28oz

About Takatori style
During the Edo period, Takatori-Yaki was developed under the auspice of Kuroda clan. Also, it received advice regarding the pottery techniques from Kobori Enshu, a noble Japanese Sado artist, who picked Takatori kiln as one of seven his favorite kilns. Its philosophical guidelines focus on elegant simplicity. Its color diversity stands out within the Japanese pottery world. Red, brown, green, white: all of them are based on the beauty of Japanese nature.

What makes Takatori-Yaki special is its use of seven different kinds of color glazes. Moreover, it produces a high note as if it was porcelain when flicking one’s fingers at it. This is because Takatori-Yaki is made very thin although it has layers of glazes.

Artist Information


Born in 1972 as the eldest son of ONIMARU Hezikan the First, ONIMARU Hezikan the Second has dedicated his life to the Takatori Yaki pottery style founded in Fukuoka prefecture.

Among his incredible achievements, Onimaru san took part to the 2012 Biennale of Contemporary Pottery and Ceramics of Sèvres, in France. Several pieces made by Onimaru san are now part of the collections of famous Zen temples in Japan, including the Ginkaku-ji and Daitoku-ji in Kyoto.

Today, Onimaru the Second aims at creating a modern Takatori Yaki style that combines modern elements to traditional craftsmanship.

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