Premium White Tea

Needle-shaped tea leaves of premium Japanese white tea from Yame HAKUSEI before brewing.
White porcelain cup filled with pale green brewed premium Japanese white tea on a triangular-shaped wooden plate, with two roasted nuts next to it.
Top view of a small white porcelain cup filled with brewed premium Japanese white tea on a triangular-shaped wooden plate, with two roasted nuts next to it.
Top view of a rectangular porcelain dish, with one square filled with needle-shaped leaves of Japanese premium white tea from Yame, and the other with pale-white brewed white tea.
A golden bag 50g of HAKUSEI, a premium Japanese white tea from Yame area, Fukuoka, Japan, sold by IKKYU
Sale price ¥2,800
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An exclusive premium white tea from Yame. Sweet, umami-packed, low in caffeine and with high contents of amino acids. Prepare it like a sencha, enjoy it like a gyokuro!

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2024 first harvest 

It took Takaki san over four years of hard work to be able to harvest the first leaves of his Japanese white tea HAKUSEI. As soon as we had our first sip, HAKUSEI became one of the all-time favorites of our team.

A strong umami presence, followed by a reserved bitterness, will leave you with an unforgettable impression. Both are later overtaken by a gentle and long-lasting sweet and slightly floral finish. Takaki san’s preferred preparation parameters highlight the delicate balance between the tea’s dynamic umami, vegetal characteristics, and balance of sweetness and bitterness.

This tea is rare not only because it is white tea, but also because the trees were carefully bred by Takaki san to create a unique increase in the number of produced leaves.

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Japanese Tea Advisor Ricardo Caicedo gave high praise to HAKUSEI on his website My Japanese Green Tea. Check out his review!

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Food Pairing

This tea can be enjoyed by itself or paired with a spring or summer salad lightly dressed with oil. You can eat the fully steeped wet leaves by themselves or mix them into a salad. It would also pair nicely with a baked or pan fried white and lean fish, like haddock or cod, or with a sautéed vegetable and lentil dish.


Net Weight:
Harvest: 2024
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Premium White Tea
Organic: No
Cultivars: White tea, also called Hakugouginshin
Conservation: 1 year unopened
Optimal tasting: within 6 weeks after opening

Brewing Instructions

tea leaves Tea for 2
8g / 0.28 oz

water dosimeter Water
160ml / ~5.41 fl oz

tea spoons Temperature
80C / 176F

time iconTime

Tasting Guide

Aromatic Profiles


Takaki san was born in 1973 in Hoshino Village, Yame (Fukuoka prefecture). He graduated from Yame High School and studied business and management for 7 years at Vancouver, Canada. As the first son of Takaki Green Tea Farm he naturally took over his family business in 1999 from his father.

His dynamism, the excellence of his products and love of his area have raised Takaki san to the position of leading voice among young tea producers in the Yame area. His green tea has won some of the highest national awards during the recent years and many will follow in the coming years we are sure of that !

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