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Long-Handled Matcha Whisk



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This matcha whisk (chasen) is made with dark bamboo. With its long handle, it was designed to be used like a cocktail muddler. Its original design makes it perfect to use to prepare matcha in a mug cup, but also suitable to stir and whisk any kind of other powder tea, like powdered houjicha, or even coffee and black tea.  

Made in Takayama (Nara prefecture) by Kubo Masaki, the 24th generation of a chasen-making family, and recognized as National Living Treasure for his skills.


100% handmade bamboo whisk from Takayama (Japan)

For whisking matcha, houjicha powder, koucha, coffee

Quality and Type
Dark bamboo

H: 14 cm, diameter: 4 cm


Kubo san was born into a tea whisk family and has devoted his life to the making of tea whisks. His craftsmanship has a long history and has been passed on from generation to generation in his family.

He was recognized as a traditional master craftsman by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1987, and was awarded “Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette” in the autumn of 2015.


Before using a chasen for the first time, let it set in hot water for 10 minutes in your matcha bowl, head down. Only dip half of the hosaki, the strings of the chasen, in the water.

Afterward, wet the chasen a little before every use to soften the bristles for making more foam and prevent damaging them.


Rinse your matcha whisk carefully by whisking it in clear hot water in the same bowl you used for preparing your matcha. Running water is acceptable but only if the flow is light, to avoid damaging the strings. If needed, use your fingers to gently remove remaining matcha.

Do not let the bamboo sit in water as it will damage the whisk. Do not put your matcha whisk in the dishwasher, dryer or use any dish soap!

Afterward, store your chasen either strings facing up (never directly in contact with a surface), or better yet, use a chasen holder (kusenaoshi) that will allow the bristles to dry and keep their shape.



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