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Competition Sencha & Premium Dento Hon Gyokuro Set


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2021 Harvest

EXCELLENCE Luxury Gift Box

This gift box brings together 3 x 50g of some of the finest green teas made in Kyushu, and is the perfect gift for the most discerning tea connoisseurs looking for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the incredible taste range and powerful umami of MITSUE Competition-grade Sencha, SATORI Dento Hon Gyokuro, and AIKO Premium Sencha. The teas are wrapped by an extra thin sheet of traditional Japanese paper (Washi). The box includes a detailed description of each tea, brewing instructions and the producers’ profiles.

About our Luxury Gift Boxes

A IKKYU Luxury Gift Box is the perfect gift for green tea lovers, from the most demanding tea connoisseurs to anyone interested in taking their first steps in this wonderful world of flavors.

Like fine wine or champagne, premium green tea is a delicacy, a precious jewel, that should be celebrated. We carefully selected some of the our best green teas to take you on a gustative journey, filled with sweetness and umami, with hints of wildflowers or fresh vegetables, that will relax and energize your body and mind. 

IKKYU Luxury Gift Boxes take you on a trip to Kyushu. With each sip, you will visit the gentle slopes of Chiran tea fields under the shadow of ancient volcanoes, climb to the top of pristine Yame mountains, or admire the Inner Sea of Japan glistening under the sun in Oita.

100% Japanese tea from Chiran and Yame
Quality and Type
Premium Gyokuro, Premium Sencha, Competition Sencha


SATORI – Gyokuro: Sae-Midori
MITSUE – Sencha: Yutaka-Midori, Yabukita
AIKO – Sencha: Yabukita


Tasting Notes for SATORI

Tasting Notes for MITSUE

Tasting Notes for AIKO

Preparation Notes for SATORI

Tea for 2
4g /0.14oz

40ml / 1.35oz

40C / 104F


Preparation Notes for MITSUE

Tea for 2
4g /0.14oz

160ml /5.41oz

70C / 158F


Preparation for AIKO

Tea for 2
8g /0.28oz

200ml /6.76oz

60C / 140F



Yasuhiko Kiya the Third (heir and third owner of Kiya-horyouen) is a certified Japanese Tea Appraiser (out of a total of 39 in Japan). He works to spread new ideas  and concepts about Japanese tea and promote Yame tea, Gyokuro and Tea culture  in general.

We are  very honored to propose Kiya san’s incredible teas and be able to collaborate  together on news ways to enjoy green tea by going beyond the traditional ways.

Kiya san has developed exclusive teas for IKKYU. His deep and unique knowledge of tea along with the quality of Kiya san’s products  will lift you to the highest levels of Japanese Green Tea.

In 1942 the first generation Eiyu Nagayama established the Nagayama tea factory, the second generation Nagayama Akira cleared up forests and expanded our fields.

After that, Akio Nagayama commited to continue improving our tea quality. And now, the 4th generation through the efforts of Nagayama Kazuhiro, we have been certfied JGAP and ISO9001.

We are located in Ei-Cho at the southern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, the annual average temperature is 17 ° C and the climate is mild.

Our tea plant is located in a mountain above 250 meters in altitude with morning and evening fog, day and night temperature difference, wet soil and moderate solar radiation, is the ideal natural environment for tea trees.

Chisako Mizota san was born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1937. She got married at age of 19 and began to farm green tea. She worked hard every day, even when it was rainy or windy.  The couple decided to open a tiny tea shop. 

After  her husband won the top prize of the All Japan Green Tea Competition, a  government award, their green tea became a sensation throughout all  Japan.

Her grandsons keep alive the tradition they inherited and to this day, Mizota san still sells her green tea !

Conservation & Packing

1 Year

6 weeks

Resealable vacuum bag, or aluminium bag with neutral gaz for best preservation.



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"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu


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