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Competition Gyokuro

Small bag of competition grade dento hon gyokuro from Yame, Japan, called MIYAKO, with hand calligraphy on the front.
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A rare competition grade dento hon gyokuro from Yame. The finest of all, this award-winning gyokuro combines extraordinary sweetness and umami. In 10g or 50g bags.

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This competition-grade dento hon gyokuro from Yame is a precious and rare jewel that should be treated with great care.

Winner of multiple national awards, this elegant gyokuro combines extraordinary sweetness and umami for an unforgettable experience, and maybe encapsulate the very soul of green tea.Hand-picked at the end of May and the result of years of work for the tea masters of Koga cha gyo, this fine tea takes you to a wonderful journey deep in the mountains and tea fields of Yame.

You can brew for two cups, starting at 20ml each, then increase the temperature and water quantity for the next brewings. Can be easily brewed 3 times !


Net Weight: 10g/50g
Harvest: 2022
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Competition Gyokuro
Organic: No
Cultivars: Sae-Midori
Conservation: 8 months unopened
Optimal tasting: within 3 weeks after opening

Producer Information


Koga Kumiko san represents the fourth generation at her family business KOGACHA GYO in Yame, Fukuoka. Working alongside her mother, president of the company, and her father, director of operations, she is a tea instructor.

Dedicated to lead her company through the challenges of the green tea industry in the 21st century, she is in charge of overseas sales. She also travels around the world to give tea seminars to introduce Yame green tea to foreign tea lovers.

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