Gyokuro is the king of Japanese green teas and is a delicate and exclusive beverage that requires enormous amounts of skill and work. It’s so rare because it’s so difficult to make.

If you are looking for the best green tea experience, then look no further than our exclusive selection of gyokuro! This delicate tea brews to a beautiful shade of emerald green, and has an exquisite flavor that makes it one of the world’s most sought after varieties.

Many gyokuro available at IKKYU have received the highest awards in Japan. Gyokuro from Yame is the most appreciated of all Japan and is praised for its exceptional quality. Its mild astringency and rich flavor make it an absolute delight to drink.

The tea leaves are cultivated using a special method where the young leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for around twenty days. Shading is usually done through dark plastic sheet, but in Yame, traditional farmers will use natural rice straw to make ‘Dento Hon Gyokuro’, the highest label of quality. This method creates an incredibly rich flavor profile with notes of sweetness and earthiness which balances out to create an exquisite cup of tea.

Compared to sencha, gyokuro tends to be smoother, more full-bodied, and less astringent. Gyokuro is also much richer than sencha in umami, due to its high levels of theanine. Thanks to the shading process, the rate of photosynthesis is significantly reduced, and less theanine gets converted into other compounds. For more information, visit our dedicated page and use our comparative chart to see at a glance the properties of our featured products.

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