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A Knowledge Base At Your Disposal


IKKYU strives to provide you the clearest information possible with step by step instructions, downloadable files, and much more to come. If you have any unanswered question please feel free to drop a line by e-mail through our contact form our through our social networks. Our mission is to bring you as close as possible to Japan and enjoy your tea in the best way possible. Don't forget to visit the following pages : 

  • The Tea Farmers

    You will find so much information in the detailed portraits of the producers we are working with ! About themselves, their tea, their land and area.

  • Our Green Teas

    A little confused about all the different tea types ? Don't worry, we have a detailed page explaining the particularities of all teas as well as their tasting variations. You can even download a useful PDF file that includes the brewing preparation information.

  • Green tea and health

    Wondering about the the benefits of green tea ? Much has been said about it, and without doubt drinking green tea has a beneficial effect to your organism. The most obvious one is that you can enjoy the longer lasting alterness the combination of caffeine and theanine over the coffee shot...without the caffeine crash.

  • How to brew (and not burn) your tea

    Making and serving tea is an art, and it takes some training and knowledge to become a tea master. That being said, you don't need to become a Tea master in order to brew you Green Tea and appreciate not only its taste but also aroma. A few steps and understanding of the most important factors will make your Green Tea a true experience. And then, by doing that daily, you will appreciate your skills naturally improve and adjust your brewing to your taste.