WHAT our customers say ABOUT IKKYU TEAS


Premium Sencha

5 reviews for AIKO

  1. Joe Halasey (verified owner)

    A great first thing in the morning tea for both flavor and energy

  2. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    A pleasant and refreshing tea with no bitterness. However, I personally found Atsuko from the same producer to be more memorable.

  3. Dale (verified owner)

    What first struck me was its unusual fragrance. Taste is pretty fine too with almost no bitterness. The proportion of very tiny fragmented leaves to whole leaves was just a tad too much, easily resulting in a cloudy brew that made the texture a little too heavy and dense. Still an enjoyable tea though if more attention is given to the steeping time and water temperature during the brew

  4. Henriette (verified owner)

    Review from Paris: Great unami and nice color.Before brewing my morning cup,I love to take a moment to smell this tea as a promise to a delightfull taste.

  5. Francois Lurton (verified owner)

    As winemaker I think production is different every year. It is what we call vintage.
    I must say this « vintage » of AIKO is not as fruity as the one before but with other aromas such as toasted bread crumbs mixed with a deep, slightly iodized marine sensation. And the extraordinary long aftertaste is still there. Very nice tea. Always my favorite!

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High-Grade Sencha

5 reviews for AYUMI

  1. nickts1 (verified owner)

    great value tea while getting all the best flavor. a little more care must be taken while brewing because of the smaller structure of the leaf, but I’m never unhappy about this cup of tea!

  2. Grantpawelski (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful sweet and floral smell. The smell also carries over to the taste. Its sweet, fruity, and has such an interesting umami flavor.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    This tea with a very rich aroma and taste. I love to drink it in the morning. Thank you for the quick delivery and quality of the tea all at the highest level !

  4. Ann (verified owner)

    Never disappointing.
    Great value, excellent shipping speed.
    A very clean green tea flavour.
    Definitely a buy!

  5. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    My all-time favorite! Rich aroma, full-bodied taste, beautiful, dark green color. Wonderful!

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Premium Gyokuro

4 reviews for Gyokuro Box Limited Edition

  1. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    I recommend this tea to any person passionate about gyokuro. It allowed me to experience what gyokuro can offer, and that was worth the price.

  2. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    The best green tea I ever drank. So silky and fresh. I received it very quickly too. Love it.

  3. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    Take your time with this very special tea both in preparation and as you drink it, as you would the perfect meal or wine and the petals of this flower will open up to you beautifully.

    You will not be disappointed.

  4. GabyV (verified owner)

    My friend loved it. She said that the tea was sweet with a beatiful colour. She also said that the taste was out of this word.

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Premium Sencha & Gyokuro

Front view of two shiny golden tube-shaped green tea boxes placed inside a wooden box with Japanese hand-written calligraphy on their labels marking their contents (Yame gyokuro and Yame sencha).


  1. Cires (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I wanted! Amazing tea in a beautiful box. I can’t express how happy I am with this purchase. I know the person I’m gifting it to will love it.

  2. Zack Gerard (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself, though it would make a very nice gift. The gyokuro is beautiful, sweet and with a lot of umami. The Sencha is also very nice though less sweet as you would expect.
    I would definitely recommend this set if you are looking for premium Japanese green tea. Very nice and enough tea quantity wise to easily justify the price!

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Premium White Tea

A bag of 50g of HAKUSEI, a premium Japanese white tea from Yame area, Fukuoka, Japan, sold by IKKYU and wrapped in traditional Japanese white-gold washi paper.

7 reviews for HAKUSEI

  1. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Waiting for this to come back into stock. By far my favourite tea!

  2. MarekD (verified owner)

    Very interesting tea! Dry leafs have beautiful yellow-light green colour. 1st brew – glowing yellow colour, very rich and intense flavour which reminds high grade Gyokuro but still has some unique features. 2nd brew – colour very similar to 1st brew, flavour shifts from Gyokuro to Kabusecha (in my opinion). 3rd brew – has some of above mentioned flavour but I decided to make just 2 brews next time to enjoy full richness of this very interesting and special tea.

  3. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Blown away by this tea! The sweet Umami rich flavour profile during the first sip just puts a huge smile on my face! The colour of the tea on first inspection is beautiful, later changing to beautiful white/ green colour after being steeped in water. 3 brews were the maximum for me.

  4. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Blown away by this tea! The sweet Umami rich flavour profile during the first sip just puts a huge smile on my face! The colour of the tea on first inspection is beautiful, later changing to beautiful white/ green colour after being steeped in water. 3 brews were the maximum for me. Many thanks for this unique experience!

  5. UK tea enthusiast (verified owner)

    Very fresh and sweet! Wonderfully light tea with a beautiful alert effect after.

  6. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    This tea is similar in intensity and richness of flavour to premium gyokuro, while having a unique and very pleasant taste profile. It seems to have a strong stimulating effect without the jitter, think theanine-rich teas. Dry leaves are golden and dark green. These colours revert to pale greenish white and green, respectively, during brewing, conferring the golden hue to the liquid. Overall, I found it to be a superb and very interesting tea.

  7. Lars Bredo Rahbek (verified owner)

    Super delicious tea. Flavourful and fresh.

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Premium Gyokuro

6 reviews for HIKARU

  1. Samed Haveri (verified owner)

    This tea is so sweet and full of umami … great !

  2. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    Takaki san made another gem. Worth every penny.

  3. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    A deep and rich tea with pleasant aroma and aftertaste.

  4. antonio vazquez (verified owner)


  5. antonio vazquez (verified owner)

    Amazing. brewed 8g at 40 Celsius 2 minutes. Log lasting mouth delicious sensation8

  6. Eden Solomonov (verified owner)

    WOW! beautiful color. the leaves have a deep green color but the tea itselt is very vibrant. Plus, the taste is very delicious! I’m so glad I have it. tases veggie and comforting. Too sad your prices have risen!

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Premium Sencha

3 reviews for HIROKI

  1. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    A very good tea when you are a bit bored of the typical iodine green tea taste!

  2. Michael Gendel (verified owner)

    I found Ikkyu when the tea purveyor I had used for decades suddenly lost its inventory. My favorite tea from that company used the Okumidori cultivar. This tea brings me back. Refined and earthy at the same time, both rich and light, always a delight. The aroma of the dry leaves tells it all.

  3. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    This tea is just superb! The first thought that comes to mind, as how to describe the taste, is creme brulee, enough sweet with a good aftertaste. After 3 brews with no bitterness I feel joyful, wanting to laugh and somehow featherlight. Would be a nice club tea i guess 🙂

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High-Grade Shiraore

23 reviews for IKKI

  1. Jake B (verified owner)

    Sweet and soft and vegetal, with a mildly roasted aroma. Steeped at cooler temperatures, the tea is more grassy and brothy; warmer, it’s light and refreshing. This is my first shiraore and it’s much better than the kukicha I’ve bought elsewhere. A good tea for any time of day, except late in the evening, I think. Another reviewer called it “softly stimulating,” and that’s a good description.

  2. Gerard R (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing different teas from IKKYU for about a year now. I have found that Ikki gives me the feeling of calm alertness during the day while I work. The tea is slightly sweet and refreshing and will keep it in my tea collection.

  3. Lydia Karpenko (verified owner)

    Excellent everyday tea, great price point. Will buy more

  4. HarryM (verified owner)

    Very good tea, the best kirigane I’ve tried, high leaf content, tastes more like sencha, has fruit tones in taste and a pleasant smell, 3-4 brewing is easy, recommend.

  5. Tyrese13 (verified owner)

    Very aromatic upon opening the bag. The flavour was superb. Stem tea is my favourite tea due to the high levels of theanine and this is hands down the best I have ever had.

  6. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    A gentle and very pleasant tea, an excellent value for the price in my opinion. It consists mostly of leaves and is softly stimulating, so don’t count on drinking it in the evening if you’re sensitive to caffeine. Looking forward to experiencing more ways to enjoy this tea, recommended.

  7. Gretchan Jackson (verified owner)

    Love this tea for cold brew. Don’t be dismayed by the twigs; they are hardworking for flavor. I’m finding best flavor with 120-degree water brew, then adding cold to top and into the fridge for the afternoon treat. Delicious addiction!

  8. Casey Buckles (verified owner)

    Very delicious simple tea. the taste reminds me of the green tea i would get from the vending machines in japan. glad to always buy it.

  9. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delicious tea.

  10. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    Decided to try this tea to taste something else that typical Sencha. It was a great idea, the taste/price ratio is clearly unbeatable ! It’s a perfect daily tea with nice refreshing touch. Strongly recommend

  11. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    I made only one mistake with this tea….I did not order enough!

    This is quite possibly the most addictive daily tea of all of the ones on offer, I am very surprised this little gem is not more well know.

    I have a new friend while I write 😊

  12. k_san7 (verified owner)

    Awesome tea, I received it today, and compared to other Karigane I have tried in the past this one is superb. Delicate sweet and floral, quick delivery to UK. Thanks IKKYU.

  13. AnaisNin (verified owner)

    At first I did under estimate this as I had bad experience with any teas which involve ’ twig’ in them , can’t stand their astringency and bitterness but then IKKI was a game changer! Never thought that I will be liking IKKI this much!I’ve gone crazy with this refreshing, fragrant and flavorful tea !
    It’s still a burning wonder why I could have lingering umami for a mere twig tea! This is my staple for late or evening kinda tea , what a delicious calming potion to unwind then get peaceful sleep at night.

  14. Daniel Wichmann (verified owner)

    Sweet, smooth and refreshing taste besides a low caffeine content; perfect for late brews. In addition, a decent price for a good amount of tea!

  15. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    This is my favorite loose tea from Ikkyu. I enjoy smelling the tea before brewing. It has the sweetest smell from any tea I know. I can probably smell in for hours 🙂 Once brewed, it still retains its sweetness. There are other wonderful flavors I taste but hard to describe. It is even better drinking at room temperature.

  16. Nichmenichyou (verified owner)

    Great for any time of the day!
    Refreshing and Low caffeine.

  17. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    This is a good candidate for a daily drinker, especially in the afternoon since the caffeine effect is more limited. Nice, fresh enjoyable tea.

  18. Riley Bingham (verified owner)

    The perfect low-caffeine anytimer. As delicious as it is affordable.

  19. Diana Forero (verified owner)

    This tea is amazing. Not only does it taste great with fantastic umami (a very savory, unique flavor that my wife says tastes like chicken broth), it feels like a hug for your brain. It is absolutely a wonderful way to help you unwind and relax from all of the daily stressors you face in life. I’m so glad I found this tea.

  20. Ann (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible. Fragrant, very favourful, and very good for multiple infusions.

  21. monix (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for this kind of tea.So pleased to be able to cold brew.And multiple times the same amount.The taste is great and as expected.I’m very pleased that each product is described in so many details.It helps a lot as I am a beginner and need to know how to choose according to what I expect in the taste.Great job also in how you inform us about the brewing process.

  22. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    Steeped this jewel as per instruction 3 times in 200 ml of water. First steeping made me kind of eye-opened, second was 30sec and had quite a mellow aroma, then third steeping for a bit more than 60sec, and after it i became as we say here calm as an elephant. Was enough quantity for 3 male elephants 🙂 As for the taste i found it a bit bittery compared to regular kukicha i used to drink.

  23. John Schutt (verified owner)

    I drink this every night before I go to bed. It puts me into a nice peaceful state of mind and has actually improved my quality of sleep. The umami of this tea is wonderful and actually coats the inside of my mouth. I also get a nice floral note on the latter steep that is quite pleasant.

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High-Grade Tamaryokucha

8 reviews for ISAO

  1. Pamela Osborn (verified owner)

    Super good. Love it. On my third reorder.

  2. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Fantastic Taste
    Love this tea, cold or hot!

  3. chappellnetwork (verified owner)

    I LOVE Isao! This is the tea I order every single time I order from Ikkyu it is non-negotiable. It is such a unique tasting tea and is very earthy, espesially on the smelling notes. Be careful not to brew it longer than the 60 seconds as it comes on super strong and in my opinion can ruin the experience. Overall, it is a very relaxing tea and is one of my defaults when I order Tamaryokuchas.

  4. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    I brew it per instruction and let it cool to room temperature. This accentuates tropical fruity flavor (I can taste Mango). Try it.

  5. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    One of the lighter flavoured Tamaryokucha’s, much subtler then then the others which I have come to love.

    You have to pause and listen and allow this particular blend to whisper it’s secrets to you and then you will understand.

    If you are in a hurry, you’ll miss the message. So slow down and take a moment to listen and enjoy what comes.

  6. jmacyang (verified owner)

    So much worth for the price, if you enjoy it slowly

  7. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    This tea has quite a long lasting sweet and a bit salty taste. Second-brewed it’s rather soupy and the aftertaste seems to last forever. An eye-opener with the calming effect.

  8. Riley Bingham (verified owner)

    This is the tamaryokucha I return to again and again. Beyond its balance and perfect temperament for an everyday teach, few other teas are as fun to open–the powerful aroma of Isao will almost burst from the bag.

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High-Grade Organic Sencha

13 reviews for JUN

  1. YOSEF (verified owner)

    Very good everyday tea that combines interesting flavors at an affordable price. Light and interesting very good everyday tea at a reasonable price. Light and sweet. 2 perfect infusions. Will order tea again

  2. Lydia Karpenko (verified owner)

    Very good affordable everyday tea. Light and sweet. 2 infusions are perfect. Will order again

  3. Pamela Osborn (verified owner)

    Sweet, delicate, low acidity. Second and third infusions are very nice. Jun is in my group of order-again Ikkyu teas.

  4. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    As soon as I opened that packet I could smell the overwhelming beautiful fragrance! I knew I was in for a treat! The colour is beautiful. Very sweet and lightly flavourful, this is one to savour and appreciate!

  5. YOSEF (verified owner)

    The tea is very tasty and low in caffeine. The leaves are thin and I also drink them along with the tea

  6. Catherine Kerr (verified owner)

    This is literally the best tea I’ve ever had. I’m a daily green tea drinker and I’ve tried many brands and origins. But I did not know green tea could be this sweet and bright. Absolutely will order this again.

  7. Casey Buckles (verified owner)

    Lovely tea with a lovely flavour. I tend to go for other types of greens then sencha, but i do enjoy this sencha.

  8. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    A very good tea for reading and de-stressing! Great quality tea like all Yame’s teas.

  9. Annа (verified owner)

    Good balanced tea with excellent color and taste. This tea is good for the morning.

  10. Misun (verified owner)

    My first pure sencha ever and I’m not disappointed. First, the fragrance. It blew my mind, I didn’t trust the tasting notes but oh lord the fragrance is awesome ! Calm, appeasing, and especially refreshing, makes me think of a freshly cut sweet pineapple.
    And now the taste and texture ! A really appreciable brothy taste, strong umami , it coats the mouth perfectly and is a bit bitter but good and appreciable bitterness. Beware of your water temperature, brewing time and water to leaf ratio ! Because they really impact your experience. Try their instructions first then adjust to your taste. I personally use arround 4/5 g for 100ml of water, 70 degrees celsius, and 90 sec of brewing time for the first infusion. 2nd infusion: same exept I brew for 20-25 sec. Enjoy your tea !

  11. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    A very light and excellently balanced Sencha.

    Terrific if you are just starting out, or wanting something of a more subtle nature that is gently lilting and refreshing.

    This is a tea I have had to drink regularly to appreciate just how quiet and gentle the flavours are. My usual preference is for the heavier flavoured teas that linger, but I realised that this is a tea to stop and listen to and if you do she will tell you her secrets.

    Quiet, understated and gentle.

  12. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Jun tea is the highlight of my day. Their fukamushi is a shortcut to meditative nirvana. I can only say good things!

  13. colepeters (verified owner)

    Jun has been my first foray into the world of Sencha, and I couldn’t imagine a better entry point. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a tea like this. The first impression (past the beautiful packaging) is a distinctive and surprising aroma, fresh, sweetly earthy. I was not at all prepared for the taste. It has a level of umami that, as far as tea goes, I’ve previously only tasted in matcha. Jun is gently sweet, subtly complex, and wonderfully smooth. I don’t have the proper vocabulary to give this tea its dues, except to say that I’m stunned by what I’m drinking. Irie-san has my highest respect, and I look forward to making this a regular purchase. ほんとうにありがとうございます、いりえさん!

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Premium Tamaryokucha

5 reviews for KIRI

  1. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    Nice sweet tea with full umami. I enjoyed three brews of it. Lovely color.

  2. Dale (verified owner)

    A surprise for me. Excellent fruity aroma and sweetness. The second brew was interesting. I felt I had overstepped it as the liquor looked really deep green. In spite of that, the taste was very rich with just a hint of bitterness. This’s one tea packed and dense with flavour

  3. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    For me the most pronounced notes were the ones of dark steamed greens, with a full and rounded body. I wasn’t able to bring out pronounced citrus notes in the brew. The liquid is of intense dark green colour.

  4. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t get better customer service or shipping from anyone else
    Also the tea is the best quality I’ve ever had.
    Definitely purchase from here

  5. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    Beautifully light in the mouth and on the stomach, a tea you will want to order again and again.

    This one has plenty of sweetness, but not too earthy so invites you back lightly for more.

    Be sure to try!

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Competition Organic Sencha

7 reviews for KAZUYA

  1. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    A beautiful sweet, but not overpowering Sencha…perfect balance between sweet and bitter. A very, very good Sencha.

  2. senchagod (verified owner)

    i’m blown away by this sencha. it truly is a perfect balance of sweet and bitter.
    the smell of the leaves after brewing is beautiful. everything from the color to taste is so nice.
    the flavor is still present after the third brew but after it lightens up too much for my taste.

  3. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    I don’t normally order organic teas because they cost notably more for the taste than non-organic ones. So I was a bit skeptical to buy this “competition” grade tea. Well, the tea worked out great. It is refreshing (not grassy as often happens with organic tea), relaxing, and smooth. I liked the first brew the best but the third brew was a bit too light for me.

  4. CHERRY (verified owner)

    Japanese organic tea tends to have milder taste than the non-organic tea due to the limited use of fertilizers. This competition grade sencha is the first harvest of the year, it did meet my expectation. I really appreciate the dedication and so much hard work from the organic farmers.

  5. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    Although I enjoyed this competition grade sencha, I prefer the non-organic one Ikkyu offers.

  6. Curtis Dodson (verified owner)

    I have ordered this several times and it NEVER disappoints. This is my favourite sencha, and my go to after a long day. Although I rotate through tea, this is always stocked. I use 6g of tea at 200mL at 60C and it comes out just perfect.

  7. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    So far this is the best Sencha I have ever had.

    The taste is sweet and long lasting but in no way overpowering, in fact I thought the taste was going to hit me like an express train, but it did not.

    Instead it lightly opened the door, entered the room and began to gradually seduce me.

    A perfect Sencha.

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Competition Organic Gyokuro

Japanese green tea bag wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper for a premium grade organic gyokuro from Saga, Japan, named 'KAZUHIRO'. The package is made of a washi sheet, a washi obi and inner information sheet.

8 reviews for KAZUHIRO

  1. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    This Gyokuro is a beautiful organic green tea. Tha sweetness is very overpowering! Sweet, floral and an umami rich tea. This is perfect for new and seasoned tea drinkers.

  2. Antonella Summa (verified owner)

    This is the best green tea I have tried. I used to always drink Sencha. When I bought this Gyokuro it was the first time that I tried Gyokuro I just love the sweetness of this tea and it is very unique from other green teas. I drink this tea every day and I just ordered my second bag 🙂

  3. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    This tea is quite different in taste and aroma from what I’d usually expect from gyokuro, so don’t consider it a drop-in replacement for non-organic gyokuro. That said, it’s very enjoyable on its own merits. This tea is delicious, aromatic, sweet, flowery and nutty.

  4. Gretchan Jackson (verified owner)

    Love using the lower temps to bring out the subtle flavors. It’s a beautiful tea in every way. Organic really makes it shine for me. I do love tasting the leaves once I’m done brewing the many brews. What a celebration!

  5. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    The tea is well-rounded. It did everything good enough but no particular character stood out.

    To be honest, I bought this tea after seeing someone on YouTube eating the tea after brewing. She put some sesame oil and ate it straight. I always wanted to try it. Since this is organic, I felt comfortable doing the same – no harmful pesticide. The taste isn’t bitter or grassy. I did add salt, and spicy oil in addition to the sesame oil. The surprise was how the tea gave me a kick afterward. The strong tea taste lingered on my nose for a long time. It was quite enjoyable. I think I found a snack or a side dish to enjoy.

  6. AnaisNin (verified owner)

    Definitely my fave ! with its beautiful refreshing sweetness , delectable nuttiness ,umami is there without too overbearing -Kazuhiro suits me best and This will stay with me for a long and long time !

  7. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    Honestly, it might me too sweet for my taste and lacks that gyokuro marine umami. Reminds me of korean jungjak tea.

  8. John Schutt (verified owner)

    The sweetness of this gyokuro is unreal and the Theanine content is so high that it actually coats my tea pot when I am brewing it with a thick liquid after it’s poured. This is the perfect tea to start my morning off with and if I could afford to I would do just that on a daily basis.

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Premium Organic Tamaryokucha

9 reviews for KOJI

  1. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    Leaving another review for one of my favourite teas; this is a superb one! I urge you to treat yourself to the rich flavours of this fantastic cup of happiness 🥰

  2. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Quality of this tea is exceptional. One of my favourites and at a very reasonable price. The smell is intoxicating and the taste is sweet and savoury.

  3. Catherine Kerr (verified owner)

    Love this tea so much. This is the first tamaryokucha I’ve tried, to my knowledge, and it highly exceeded my expectations. Works great for cold steeping, too.

  4. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    To me the most prominent notes in this tea are those of greens, tempered by nutty and fruity tones. The brew is of deep and vibrant green colour.

  5. CHERRY (verified owner)

    This is a new variety of my tea collection. Love the smell of the refreshing and taste good. It’s organic and very affordable.

  6. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    My favorite tea from Ikkyu so far. It is so green and vibrant. The liquor is vivid and alive. Extremely fresh taste.

  7. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    This green tea is fresh yet robust with notes of sweet asparagus. It has a lovely aroma and clean finish. I enjoy starting my day with this cup of tea.

  8. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    This has now become my one of my favourite green teas!

    The flavours of caramel, nuts, honey and open fires roll around your mouth and are simply divine.

    I call this my Christmas tea, as even the smell of the tea on opening the packet takes you on a journey of childhood joy.

    Don’t miss the beauty of this exceptional tea!

  9. John Schutt (verified owner)

    I can not reccomend this tea enough , especially for the price. This is a thick umami brew and given the higher temperature and lower steep times it lasts for quite some time.

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High-Grade Organic Tamaryokucha

6 reviews for KOTARO

  1. Ilya Bulychev (verified owner)

    This is the best tea in the history of the WORLD! I love it so much, I don’t care how much they charge for it. I must have it.

  2. vcemerin (verified owner)

    Prior to buying this tea, I have never tried tamaryokucha so I was not sure what to expect. The tea exceeded my expectations: it is very fragrant, the tasting notes are reminiscent of lemon and seaweed, while the scent evokes spring flowers. The umami is very strong as well. Definitely a tea I will buy again.

  3. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Very good tea for the price, sweet and the flavour stayed through on many steeps. The smell is incredible.

  4. Dave H. (verified owner)

    I am new to Tamaryokucha teas, and this one was a good entry for me. It has a lovely balance of flavors, and it stands up to multiple infusions with no trace of bitterness.

  5. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    An incredible tea, just perfectly balanced enough to make you try to remember the taste and come back for more.

    A sure fire winner, especially if like me you are a Tamaryokucha fan!

  6. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible. Fragrant, very favourful, and very good for multiple infusions.

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High-Grade Organic Matcha

10 reviews for MATSUKO

  1. Antonella Summa (verified owner)

    My all time favourite Matcha! I drink this every single day.

  2. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    This tea is very finely grounded. I don’t even need to sift it unlike the other two Ikkyu Matchas. Also, IMO, this is the best of the three. I have been enjoying the other teas for a long time and decided to give this a try. I don’t regret the decision.

    It is smooth with a good presence of Umami. It does not bite my nasal passage. Rather, it stays pleasant throughout.

  3. Antonella Summa (verified owner)

    I am a huge tea lover and organic tea is really a must. I found this company in July and I just purchased my third bag of matcha. This matcha has an earthy taste without being too bitter and a beautiful bright green colour! You can tell right away the good quality of this product.

  4. Sviatlana Varanovich (verified owner)

    The best matcha I tried until now, for my taste it suits perfectly. It is amazing with almond milk as matcha latte, and also very good with only water. Love Ikkyu teas! Another 2 bags ordered and I hope they will reach me before I finish matcha I still have 😀

  5. Jeanine Cheng (verified owner)

    I made a cold brew with this matcha and it is incredibly addictive. So simple to make and a very soothing drink for the whole day. I have been drinking it with my family for the whole week – really boosts my day in a calming way!

  6. Vera Klimkovsky (verified owner)

    I love this matcha! It’s fresh, of excellent quality and natural vivid green color! I only buy organic and this is a winner!

  7. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    This matcha is light, pleasant and refreshing. There’s no pronounced graciness or bitterness sometimes found in lighter matcha. Overall, to me its flavour and aroma are quite enjoyable. Very good value.

  8. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    The smell is really good, I like the earthy taste and the focused calming mood it gives.

  9. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    I found this matcha to be okay. Given the price it is a good value. I prefer the premium organic matcha.

  10. Eden Solomonov (verified owner)

    I really loved that matcha. It has a rich and earthy unique taste, that light green color is amazing. Plus, easy to blend to a creamy a good cup of matcha latte. It’s not my first time buying a matcha with such a good quality, and that is very fair price. Love it!

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Premium Organic Matcha

13 reviews for MIYUKI

  1. Mhaelene (verified owner)

    Worth the price for the quality of the matcha. It gives you energy without the jitters.

  2. Mhaelene (verified owner)

    This will be my third time to buy. Worth the price for the quality of the matcha.

  3. Lorenzo Giustozzi (verified owner)

    First matcha I tried, really sweet and creamy, it gives you the perfect energy in the morning.

  4. senchagod (verified owner)

    best matcha i had. amazing. the color color of the powder and the drink is the brightest green ive seen in any matcha.
    the taste is creamy, sweet with no bitterness. i love drinking it in the morning, the energy boost you get lasts you all day.

  5. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    The striking green colour shows how fresh this matcha it. Taste profile was sweet, rich with no astringency what so ever. The true beauty of this matcha is the feeling it gave, very sharp/ focused, energised with out the jitters!

  6. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    A very beautiful and sharp looking green. Very tasty sweetness with a complete lack of astringency, even when brewed at the recommended 100C! A very fine first flush organic matcha.

  7. Ron Helpman (verified owner)

    On first taste, I was impressed by the bold vegetal flavor of this matcha, though I found it somewhat lacking in depth. However, the taste rapidly faded, to be replaced by a sense of a something being missing–an eerie effect that I’ve never encountered before. I tried using the 100 C water recommended, to the same effect. I mixed it with another matcha with a fuller flavor, and the lack was just as prominent.

  8. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    Delicious matcha. My favorite Ikkyu matcha. Very good for an organic matcha. Would enjoy drinking this every day.

  9. JoeCrystal (verified owner)

    This is the first proper matcha I got directly from Japan rather than the local retailers. I was very pleased with the taste and it is quite easy to prepare. I especially like the tin it came in which I will certainly keep. I am especially looking forward to building a collection of these tins so I get a variety of matcha.

  10. GabyV (verified owner)

    My friend usually only drink matcha latté, but she refused to drink this one with milk. The quality does not “matcha” single of the one that we tried before. It is way superior. The taste will make you realize that you have been doing it wrong.


    Mon amie boit habituellement des matcha latté, mais elle refuse de boire ce thé avec du lait. La qualité est de loin supérieur à tout ce que nous avons essayé auparavant.

  11. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    Quite a pleasant matcha with a good foam, I tend to prepare it koicha style and it doesn’t become bitter at all.

  12. Ruta Katiliute (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this matcha! Smooth, rich aroma, very nice deep green color. It became my morning pleasure since. It is my first ceremonial grade matcha so I haven’t got much experience to compare it with other ceremonial grade matchas on offer, however comparing to organic matchas sold in Europe that I had before – the difference is immense. Would definitely buy again and I will!

  13. John Schutt (verified owner)

    This is an incredible matcha. Not only is the balance of sweetness and umami perfect but the Theanine content is incredibly high so while I was alert and focused I was incredibly relaxed as well. Would buy this again in an instant.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Competition Sencha

17 reviews for MITSUE

  1. YOSEF (verified owner)

    This tea with a combination of flavors is very special and also enjoyable. In each order I request 4 units

  2. Jake B (verified owner)

    A sophisticated sencha, with vegetal umami and roasted sweetness. I find that it steeps best at lower temperatures (as recommended) and for longer times. Surprisingly, I almost prefer the third steep — it’s so delicate and fragrant.

  3. Pamela Osborn (verified owner)

    A treasure trove of delicate flavors with a long finish, extending the pleasure of the sip. A favorite, among several Ikkyu Tea favorites.

  4. YOSEF (verified owner)

    The special tea has a delicate taste and ease

  5. YOSEF (verified owner)

    The most delicious tea a special aroma of thin leaves. You can also drink the leaves

  6. Joe Halasey (verified owner)

    I drink this tea late in the day. Subtle flavors but delicious

  7. YOSEF (verified owner)

    The tea is very tasty and low in caffeine. The leaves are thin and I also drink them along with the tea

  8. Dale (verified owner)

    Mellow and pleasant. Flavour doesn’t seem to stand out much for me compared to the other selections but overall still an enjoyable tea

  9. Alan M. (verified owner)

    Loved this tea! It has a strong umami and sweet flavor at the beginning, with a minimal bitter or astringency at the end. For a hot brew I’d recommend using 4.5g of leaves for every 100 ml of water (the more leaves per water ratio, the better), for a fukamushi like this I find this a perfect amount. Just leave the first brew for aprox. 75 sec at 70ºC, the second for 20 sec and the third for 60 sec. For a cold brew (I live in a hot place so I tried different ratios & times for this) I think you should try 15 g for every 1L of water and leave it for at least 8 to 10 hours (if you can, leave it all night in the refrigerator). Without doubt this is a perfect sencha for all occasions and for the people who is already accustomed to the specific temperatures and times a high quality sencha requires to take out it’s full flavor.

  10. Anna Grant (verified owner)

    I love this tea! I’ve been drinking Japanese green teas for most of my life and this has been my favorite. I drink it every day and it’s very balanced and flavorful. Highly recommend!

  11. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    This tea has a deep and well-rounded flavour with pronounced umami notes as well as long and pleasant aftertaste. No bitterness whatsoever even if brewed with more leaves per unit of water than suggested. The aroma is hard for me to describe, it’s very enjoyable and is in harmony with the taste.

  12. Patrick Boyog (verified owner)

    A wonderful flavor. Great smell. Wonderful each of the 3 brews I did from 4grams worth of tea I used to brew my first two cups with some of the best umami I myself have ever had. It is a very calming Sencha as I felt super relaxed after drinking. I give this sencha a 10/10.

  13. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    Perfect tea for a perfect sunday! Nice umami touch

  14. Dave H. (verified owner)

    This tea has a lovely color and aroma. Multiple infusions bring out different flavor nuances. It’s truly gem!

  15. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this tea. When in the mood for a splurge this one can’t be beat. Strong umami hit.

  16. Ching@1996 (verified owner)

    This green tea is one of the best tea I have tried here in Ikkyu! It has a beautiful green color and pleasant taste making me relax.

  17. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    This fukamushicha has a beautiful colour and a lovely smell. It tastes clean and delicious. It is one of my favourite teas.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


High-Grade Sencha

6 reviews for MITSUMI

  1. vcemerin (verified owner)

    So far, this has been my favorite sencha among those I have tried. It is very light and easy on the stomach, yet flavorful and full-bodied. It evokes fresh summer mornings at the seaside, while retaining sufficient grassiness to supplement the taste palette. I believe it will be my go-to sencha for quite a while.

  2. chappellnetwork (verified owner)

    Mitsumi is probably one of my favorite Senchas right now. It comes on a little strong if you follow the instructions to a T, but I personally prefer the stronger taste. There is a good amount of Umami and I find myself savoring this one and brewing 3-4 cups!

  3. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    This tea is sweet. But the flavor I enjoyed the most is its milkiness. I think the previous ones have more milkiness I liked. This batch has less of it but still very enjoyable personally.

    The aftertaste lingers quite long.

    Also, it only takes 4g to make a brew, unlike other teas which take 7 – 8 grams. It will last a long time to go through the package.

  4. Dave H. (verified owner)

    Great color and flavor through multiple infusions.

  5. Riley Bingham (verified owner)

    If you enjoy fukamushis, you’ll enjoy Mitsumi. Brilliant color. Vegetal subtlety, but still possessed of great clarity. A nice relaxer.

  6. Eden Solomonov (verified owner)

    BEAUTIFUL color! sort of yellowish-green golden color. tastes vegie and sutle grassy. Very soothing. Great after a heavy meal

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


High-Grade Organic Sencha

9 reviews for NAOKO

  1. Khoi Huynh (verified owner)

    Light aroma, much astringency, rich bitterness, very balanced. Very good tea, brewed many times.

  2. MarekD (verified owner)

    Delicious tea. Vivid colour, light fragrance, bitterness intensifies with the number of brews but still amazing tea. Very relaxing and providing new energy kick when you need to cope with stressful and exhausting day.

  3. Joe Halasey (verified owner)

    A good reliably delicious sencha, usually four to five infusions

  4. Harry Ma (verified owner)

    A staple in my household! I always add a bag to every order. Balanced and easy to brew.

  5. Annа (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite teas, a pleasant aroma of brewing, a good balanced color and taste when brewing, thickness, a very pleasant feeling of relaxation. I like it very much and will constantly buy it.

  6. AllisonHeiliczer (verified owner)

    Simply delicious. This is my tea each morning, the one that warmly welcomes the day – rich taste yet balanced with a simplistic, knowable smell.

  7. ivor (verified owner)

    Very balanced in terms of umami and astrigency while keeping the notes of flowers, grass, and a slight touch of honey. Being a fukamushi sencha, the second and later brews are much denser and richer, which I especially enjoy.

  8. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    You simply can’t put this tea in a box, it’s too good!

    You can literally taste the difference and the care that has gone into creating this beautifully crafted tea.

    Another winner from Orita Nobuo and now on my regular shopping list!

  9. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Superbly crafted, delicate, savory, slightly sweet, very relaxing. This tea, at this price, is a great value, I am reordering today.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium Organic Sencha

10 reviews for NAOMI

  1. Khoi Huynh (verified owner)

    Great taste, deep and long. The first time the water is light green fresh, the second time it is a beautiful dark green color. I brewed many times.

  2. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    Just tried this earlier today and a very beautiful deep steamed sencha. The flavour is powerful, rich and delivers throughout the steeps, the second steeping turns into a beautiful dark green colour.

  3. Dale (verified owner)

    A strong full bodied sencha. A suitable tea to drink after a heavy meal

  4. Anna Grant (verified owner)

    This tea has delicious flavor. It is the right balance of sweetness and umami.

  5. Gretchan Jackson (verified owner)

    This is my new daily tea. Well balanced and delicious. Must try!

  6. Isaac Dunn (verified owner)

    Excellent flavour! The subtle yuzu taste is superb. I would highly recommend this tea.

  7. Candace Cooper (verified owner)

    Just ordered it. Can’t wait to try this shincha sencha.

  8. Emily Nicolescu (verified owner)

    This is my most favourite sencha! Very good quality. The flavour is rich with a good amount of bitterness. I really recommend this tea to those who have had a chance to learn and gain some experience with different sencha and it’s quality. This a very good tea.

  9. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Excellent organic tea with a rich flavour. The flavour is sweet and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth with a feeling of freshness.

  10. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely superb Sencha!

    This has a very earthy natural feel, of which you can taste the care that has gone into this tea to keep it as close to nature as possible.

    Beautifully balanced, tasting creamy, with depth and a warmth that languishing on your tongue and palate.

    I found the second brew to actually be better then the first, as this tea takes a while to open itself up to you.

    This has become a classic favourite for me and I will place this on my regular order list.

    Thank you for making beautiful tea!



Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


High-Grade Sencha

4 reviews for REN

  1. Jake B (verified owner)

    The delicacy of this tea surprised me. I am new to the world of Japanese sencha, and had tried only one fukamushi before, from Shizuoka. That tea was rich and vegetal, almost syrupy in its sweetness. This is quite different. The vegetal element is there (along with umami), but the tea is light and subtly sweet, and very fresh. The aroma is fresh too, with a hint of warmth and — just faintly — flowers. Like a perfect summer morning!

  2. Dave H. (verified owner)

    A good daily tea with great value, one of my favorites!

  3. Curtis Dodson (verified owner)

    A very good sencha for the price. Definitely a unique and strong umami flavour in this sencha.

  4. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Quality to price ratio, one will struggle to find a better sencha. Highly recommended!

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium Sencha

3 reviews for REI

  1. Curtis Dodson (verified owner)

    Very good sencha with a strong flavour. Beautiful colour and perfect for the winter season or a fresh summer morning.

  2. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    The taste is really lovely, there is no bitterness even when pushed a temp a little bit.
    Sweet with a hint of a salty aftertaste. The color of 2nd brew is emerald green. Brings warm and relaxed feeling perfect for winter season.

  3. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    The best Sencha I ever tasted! Very sweet and strong flavour, perfect tea!

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium Kabusecha

10 reviews for TOMOKO

  1. chappellnetwork (verified owner)

    Whenever I order from Ikkyu this is one of the teas I always add to my cart. It reminds me of a much lighter cup of Oolong, yet has subtle sweet notes that are savory after each sip. I tend to use this tea in the evenings right before I sleep as the caffeine content is extremely low, yet its refreshing enough to pair with a good book. If you are looking for a light and savory tea to curl up with in the evening, look no further.

  2. Khoi Huynh (verified owner)

    This tea has many floral aromas, with jasmine flowers, light, relaxing and happy. The tea is very good, the taste is sweet, I can brew it many times, enjoy it with my family.

  3. Joe Halasey (verified owner)

    Quite a different flavor profile.
    Not the usual green tea flavors but a spicy almost oolong taste I really enjoy. A good go to for a more diverse green tea flavor experience

  4. AnaisNin (verified owner)

    uniquely fragrantly flowery beautiful tea ! which brings me to another world of green teas , that there’s more in the world of Japanese green teas .

  5. (verified owner)

    Delicious taste without a lot of subtle flourishes, this lovely undemanding tea is my preference for drinking all my 10-hour workday. It’s easy to make in an office setting using a tea infuser flask with water dispenser hot water (at 180 degrees F). I keep the tea warm on a mug warmer. I save the more subtle teas with fussy brewing temperatures for my silent, treat myself nice, early morning time. It’s hard to find a tea that one can enjoy for most of a 40-hour week, and Tomoko is my current favorite. It’s pleasurable and it keeps me alert and awake yet calm and peaceful. I tried Tomoko in a search for variety in my long term green tea experience. It offers refreshingly different flavors from senchas and gyokuros and I am sure to keep a supply ongoing.

  6. chappellnetwork (verified owner)

    I LOVE Tomoko! This is the tea I order every single time I order from Ikkyu it is non-negotiable. It is such a unique tasting tea and sort of reminds me of Oolong, but much more savory and gentle. The tea is very relaxing and I like to brew it while I am studying or unwinding on the weekend. For those of you looking to get into Kamaricha, this is an excellent starter. Make sure your pot can hold the recommended 6 grams as the leaves expand and unfurl a good amount. Highly recommend!

  7. Robert Kim (verified owner)

    I love Jasmine tea and this is the closest thing to it from Ikkyu. I don’t have to buy a separate tea for the Jasminy flavor. Of course, it has other pleasant flavors including sweetness. The tea does not lose its flavors even on the 4th brew unlike most other teas from Ikkyu.

  8. vcemerin (verified owner)

    An excellent tea, very light-bodied and with a scent that is slightly reminiscent of lilacs. Later infusions allow the typical oceanic saltiness to come through, which I usually prefer in green teas, but it is not pronounced. Overall, a lovely tea to accompany spring afternoons.

  9. Don Chako (verified owner)

    Interesting tea to experience for sure.
    Leaves look spectacular
    Wet leaf has a slight goat toughness followed by that sharp sugary scent some oolongs bear
    First few infusions follow suit to the initial smell profile. Later on that oolong quality really comes out. I would approach this tea as an oolong with an pleasant surprise the first couple infusions.

  10. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    This is an awesome tea for those who want that happy summer feeling!

    Completely different from other Japanese teas and in a class of its own, with lighter balanced flavours that drift gently from one side of the spectrum to the other, but without staying too long on either side and unbalancing the overall flavour.

    Drink this beautiful organic tea and then go skipping on your way.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium Kabusecha

10 reviews for SAWA

  1. Pamela Osborn (verified owner)

    Lovely breadth and depth of flavor delivered with delicacy. Pretty color. On my reorder list.

  2. Matthew Barnes (verified owner)

    I am from Canada and I order all my tea from Ikkyu. This is the foundation of my daily tea consumption. Truly a beautiful tea with the most complex profile for the cheap cost. I would recommend everyone to add this to your order to start your tea experience with this company.

  3. Gretchan Jackson (verified owner)

    Savory is right, which I love! Much yellower color than others. I appreciate the contrast with my other green teas. I find it delightful in the afternoon.

  4. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    The taste is lovely and exquisite. Easily holds 3 brews.

  5. Don Chako (verified owner)

    My oh my is this tea special. Great smell, great savory flavors. Just in between a sencha & Gyokuro like other reviews have deduced. The wrapping is worth the 3 dollars too 😉

  6. jmacyang (verified owner)

    Very close between gyoku and stench’s! Light taste but rich feeling

  7. CHERRY (verified owner)

    Great affordable tea for daily consumption, super value.

  8. Curtis Dodson (verified owner)

    If you love gyokuro but wanted to try something different then this tea is the one for you. It shares similarities to both gyokuro and sencha.

  9. antonio vazquez (verified owner)

    Give it chance, worth it.

  10. Andysworld2020 (verified owner)

    This Kabusecha Sawa needs no introduction.
    It stands at the top of the hill and makes no apology for being there.
    I am surprised that there are not many more varieties of this glorious tea, but this one Sawa is a standalone tea.
    I felt I had been taken back in time and was drinking with the old masters from another era.
    Lingering, lustful, full of life and bursting to show you more!

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium Gyokuro

8 reviews for SATORI

  1. mm (verified owner)

    This tea definitely deserves to be called “umami bomb”. As soon as you take it in, you can not only taste but also feel the umami all over your tongue, it has a very thick feeling. It’s very long lasting and very intense. This tea can also be rebrewed many times, even after 5 rebrews the taste was still delicious and after each rebrew the taste slightly shifts. Would recommend this tea to anyone that seeks an intense and flavorful experience!

  2. MarekD (verified owner)

    I prepared this Gyokuro on ice and also with warm water (40C). Using warm water – this great tea has nicely balanced, complex and intense umami flavour and long lasting sweet aftertaste. 2nd brew has very slight tones of bitterness – this intensifies with 3rd brew. Ice prepared Satori Gyokuro – definitely must try! Light and intensive mineral-umami flavour also with long lasting sweet aftertaste, beautiful viscosity and green colour. Very refreshing.

  3. Joe Halasey (verified owner)

    Thick velvety texture,wonderful flavors. I usually brew hotter and longer but following the recommendation on package I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

  4. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    Delicious gyokuro with subtle aroma and deep body.

  5. jmacyang (verified owner)

    Rich taste ! It’s a well interesting experience when you brew the first time, if you try “ dragon well xihu longjing “ Chinese green tea. You will know how good these two are

  6. CHERRY (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite gyokuro, and I really enjoy its sweet flavour and refreshing aroma. worth every penny.

  7. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    This gyokuro has deep, rich taste and brings quite a philosophical mood(hence the name?). Highly recommend it to all gyokuro lovers.

  8. antonio vazquez (verified owner)


Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


High-Grade Sencha

3 reviews for YOSHI

  1. jmacyang (verified owner)

    I like the first brewed, like Chinese Oolong taste, but unique style , and can try 2-3 brews if you do 30-45s

  2. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    I really love this tea and drink at least three cups a day. It has a fresh, clean flavor with no bitterness.

  3. Lars Bredo Rahbek (verified owner)

    Miyazaki as a tea producing location is Japan’s best kept secret. The teas from there are wonderful. Especially this Kamari-cha ‘Yoshi’.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


High-Grade Sencha

5 reviews for YOSHIAKI

  1. NihonchaLover (verified owner)

    Exactly what you’d expect indeed from Miyazaki! Great umami by the Saemidori/Okimidori combination. In the 2/3 cup even some roasted/Senbei notes.

  2. Annа (verified owner)

    Decent tea, well holds three brews, a pleasant aroma. Good for the morning tea party.

  3. iriska2903 (verified owner)

    Very fine fresh sencha with distinctive umami and pleasant sweetness. Almost without bitterness and astringency. The first infusions are significantly viscous. Really great tea.

  4. nickts1 (verified owner)

    Easily my favorite daily sencha. The level of flavor you get from this tea is truly something to be experienced.

  5. Lars Bredo Rahbek (verified owner)

    Oh, Miyazaki teas are to wonderful. And what a stunning region of Japan. This sencha is super delicious. Highly recommended.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Premium White Tea

11 reviews for WHITE TEA

  1. sennosoeki (verified owner)

    Smooth and viscous, with the familiar savoriness of sencha or gyokuro, but gentler and sweeter with no bitterness. A very nomiyasui tea.

  2. Jared Ellerbrock (verified owner)

    Nice umami, satisfying clean brew. Very unique. I enjoyed this white tea, which was my first time trying it.

  3. CHERRY (verified owner)

    Having been enjoying this tea for two years. I absolutely love it and really wish that there are bulk packages available such as 250g package, thus it will be more economic and affordable.

  4. Japanese Green Tea Drinker (verified owner)

    A very beautiful white tea. The third I have tried and certainly not a let down. Admire the hard work from the farmer. very beautiful.

  5. Ilya Gorbachev (verified owner)

    I’ve tried two Japanese white teas so far, Hakusei first and this white tea second. It might be a first love effect, but I prefer Hakusei. This white tea is very mellow and gentle, with sweet and floral notes.

  6. Zhijian (verified owner)

    Difficult to describe the unique flavour in words but its an interesting tea thats sure to easily please. New drinkers will find the light sweetness appealing while seasoned tea drinkers will enjoy the tease between what seem like gyokuro or sencha with a slight pleasant deviation from it.

  7. jmacyang (verified owner)

    I like how it taste!! it actually drink likes the most precious West Lake Longjing Tea!!!!if you treat it in good way

  8. Mikhail Usachev (verified owner)

    I like the caramel sweet, something like sweet peanut taste of this tea. The color shades of the brewed tea leaves are very funny to admire. As it seems to contain no caffeine I enjoy it as evening tea and as an effect it gives my joints and body a good relief. 1st and 3rd brews are most tasteful. Seems that brewing instructions changed since last time, they were 60s. Would like to try it also in colder brew, when the tea will be available again.

  9. CHERRY (verified owner)

    I really appreciated this white tea. It has a deep umami taste that haunts my dreams. The rich texture can be enjoyed up to 4 brews. Ever since I tried it , it’s always on my order list.

  10. Mateusz Lizewski (verified owner)

    Great discovery, I did not expect to be so satisfied by a white tea. I recommend it to every Sencha/Gyokuro’s amateur. Totally understand the previous awards!

  11. John Schutt (verified owner)

    This tea is worth every single penny you will spend on it. It has the umami and sweetness of a guyokuro but has a very subtle beautiful floral note as well. I have never experienced anything like this.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.



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"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu




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"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu


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