Shincha 2024

Shincha 2024



Have A Taste Of The Incredible Experience Of Shincha

The first harvest of 2024 has begun here in Kyushu, from southern Chiran to northern Yame, from Oita in the east to Nagasaki in the west. With warm temperatures, low frost and consistent amounts of rain, reports from all our tea areas suggest that you’ll be able to enjoy a particularly fragrant, umami-rich first flush this year.

Fresh-picked and packed with nutrients, the outstanding colour, aroma and taste of shincha make it an experience you won’t want to miss.

The new harvest teas become available as the producers wrap up their new production. The schedule depends on the type of tea (sencha coming first, gyokuro in June), region (Chiran has the earliest harvest of Japan) and whether a tea must be certified organic or not.

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Celebrating shincha season

In the verdant fields of Kyushu, the arrival of shincha season weaves together tradition and agriculture.

The first tea harvest season is rich with unique customs and special dates passed down through generations, notably the Hachijuhachi (88th Day). This movable feast occurs on the 88th day after the start of spring, according to the Chinese calendar.

It is believed to be the ideal and most favourable time for harvesting, celebrated with festivals and events across regions.

Discovering the elegance of shincha

Shincha is celebrated for its profound umami, delicate sweetness and vibrant green hue. Shincha tea can refer to two products:

A premium first-flush tea, Shincha is made with a gentle steaming process akin to Sencha and is released right at the start of the harvest. This limited-edition tea graces shelves only briefly each season, just after picking commences.

Producers also call ‘shincha’ the new edition of their premium teas (sencha, gyokuro, tamaryokucha, etc.), made only from first-flush leaves.

First-flush tea is coveted for its exceptional flavour and rarity. It boasts higher levels of amino acids and theanine than second-harvest tea. This is due to the young buds having more time to absorb nutrients throughout the winter.

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Commitment to transparency

Like all our teas, our shincha tea follows a traceable path from cultivation to processing. By knowing the exact origins of your tea, you can appreciate not only the quality but also the heritage behind every sip.

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Whether you're looking for a specific variety of green tea or seeking guidance to begin your tea journey, we're here to assist. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to answer your questions and guide you in making the ideal selection. Additionally, we provide detailed brewing instructions for each type of tea, allowing you to enjoy the fullest flavours of every cup.

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Revel in the flavours and aroma of shincha tea

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