A Unique Know-How !


We have been doing organic cultivation for tea with pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free for over 30 years and received certification of organic JAS in 2001.

We produce Kamairicha a true specialty in our region, Miyazaki. Since this technique is difficult to master there are less and less producers that are producing Kamaricha.

The tea is not steamed, but roasted in a large pan. Its fragrance is called “kamaka”, a sweet taste and refreshing feeling and can sometimes recall the scent of Jasmine tea.

This technique was almost lost but has been now recognized as a National Agricultural Heritage. We truly hope that you will appreciate the taste of our tea and also spread the word about Kamairicha. We would love to hear from you and how you enjoyed our tea so that we can make it again famous in Japan and abroad !


Multiple Awards

2002 Emperor's Cup award

2003 National Tea Competition winning Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize

2014 Japanese Tea Award

2014 winning Special Award

2016 National Tea Competition winning Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize




An Almost Lost Process

"Kamairi" in Japanese literally means "pan firing", or "roasting in a pan". The process is intense and manual, and as a result production is only done on a small scale.The characteristic aroma of tea is strongly preserved in the final product, due to the traditional techniques developed over centuries.

Fresh tea leaves are immediately parched after harvesting for ten minutes at 300 degrees C, using a Japanese process called "Iriha-ki", to minimize and stop fermentation. Parched leaves are rolled and dried in a four-step, intensely manual process.

This time-tested Japanese technique yields a unique pan-parched fragrance, with a remarkably complex and rich taste. Kamairicha is highly rich in natural antioxidants, as it does not undergo the usual steam treatment of green teas.


Houjicha is a roasted green tea, usually obtained from bancha or kukicha tea. It is one of the most popular teas in Japan, and not without reason: thanks to its low theine content, and its taste without bitterness, it is perfectly suited to accompany a meal. It is also consumed after meals to aid digestion.

Legend has it that houjicha tea was invented about a century ago by a Kyoto merchant who, wishing to save his unsellable tea, tried to roast it. A recipe that quickly became popular and spread in all Japan! To obtain houjicha tea, one proceeds to an operation quite similar to the roasting of coffee: the green tea leaves are roasted at high temperature using charcoal, in porcelain pots.

Following this operation, they are given a nice brown color.As the fermentation process is interrupted with the roasting, houjicha tea retains all the benefits of a classic green tea, especially its high antioxidant content. Houjicha is traditionally brewed from loose leaves.


Between Sea & Mountains


A Sweet Green Tea, A Different Taste To Enjoy

Ryo san's Kamairicha teas are sweet and truly refreshing.

For people that may want to start drinking green tea but are a bit concerned about the bitterness or astringency (although it can be controlled by the brewing temperature, see our instructions), or simply want to enjoy a different taste, we recommend Kamairicha as a start. Its taste will remind you of Jasmine Tea.


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