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Competition Gyokuro

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A stunning premium Yame dento hon gyokuro blending Sae midori and Kirari 31 cultivars, with notes of miso and nori with hints of citrus and nasturtium.

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First flush 2023 (shincha)

SATORI is an exclusive and stunning dento hon gyokuro blend prepared exclusively for IKKYU by Kiya san, combining the exquisite Sae midori and Kirari 31 cultivars.

This gyokuro reflects the remarkable attention to detail of Kiya-san. The rich and invigorating tea has been shaded with natural rice straw “sumaki,” which blocks at least 95% of the sunlight. Once one or more leaves appear from the new buds, the tea bushes are covered to block out sunlight.

Careful attention in preparation of this special tea, especially in relation to water temperature control, will bring out complex and enveloping notes of miso and nori with hints of citrus and nasturtium. You will be rewarded with a savory and umami-rich cup. Brewed at only 40C, SATORI yields great notes of iodine and fresh grass that will stay on your palate long after you have finished your cup.

Read the review of SATORI made by award-winning tea blogger Nicole at Tea for Me Please.



Net Weight:
Harvest: 2023
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Competition Gyokuro
Organic: No
Cultivars: Sae midori, Kirari 31
Conservation: 8 months unopened
Optimal tasting: within 3 weeks after opening

Brewing Instructions

tea spoons Tea for 2
4g / 0.14 oz

water dosimeter Water
40ml / ~ 1.35 fl oz

tea spoons Temperature
40C / 104F

time iconTime

Aromatic Profiles

Body level BODY
Floral aroma FLORAL
Umami level UMAMI
Fruity aroma FRUITY


roast tasting ROASTED
nutty tasting NUTTY
woody tasting WOODY/EARTHY
woody tasting VEGETAL
woody tasting GRASSY

Producer Information


Kiya Yasuhiko the Third (heir and third owner of Kiya-horyouen) is a certified Japanese Tea Appraiser (out of a total of 39 in Japan). He works to spread new ideas and concepts about Japanese tea and promote Yame tea, gyokuro and tea culture in general.

We are honored to propose Kiya san’s incredible teas and be able to collaborate together on new ways to enjoy green tea by going beyond the traditional approach.

Kiya san has developed exclusive teas for IKKYU. His deep and unique knowledge of tea along with the quality of Kiya san’s products will lift you to the highest levels of Japanese green tea.

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