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An organic Japanese benifuuki black tea (wa-koucha) with a copper-hued liquor, bright apricot and blackberry notes with a malty finish.

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This premium organic black tea (wa-koucha) is made with the Benifuuki cultivar, known to relieve allergy symptoms.

The copper-hued liquor of CHISEN will delight your eyes, and its bright apricot and blackberry notes with a malty finish your palate. Notes of honey accent this tea’s mildly tannic liquor. It can be steeped for less time for a brisk and bright breakfast tea or steeped for more time for a more hearty, malty finish. It is a wonderful option for a morning cup of tea.

Harashima san’s koucha is made from tea leaves grown in the Yame mountains at 500 meters above sea level. A fully fermented tea, his koucha has a firm taste and sweetness similar to that of Assam tea - used for non-Japanese black teas - and also a characteristically Darjeeling flavor, and goes perfectly with sweets.


Net Weight: 30g
Harvest: 2022
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Premium Koucha
Organic: Yes
Cultivars: Benifuuki
Conservation: 3 years unopened
Optimal tasting: within 2 years after opening

Producer Information


For three generations now, Harashima san’s family has dedicated their lives on the farms to grow and produce tea leaves of the highest quality. Harashima san is a Master in Sencha Tea Ceremony of the Kofu Sencha Reifu school, as well as a Nihoncha Instructor. ‍‍

He joined his family tea company in 1983. Founded in 1950 by his grandfather, Chiyokichi, his tea business switched to organic and EU-regulations farming in 2008 under his direction. Today, in addition to growing and processing tea, he runs a beautiful tea shop overlooking the Yabe river with his wife Eri and their daughter who prepares delicious tea-based lunches and desserts for their customers.

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