Discover our exceptional ceremonial matcha selection, with the distinctive sweet and flavorful taste of Kyushu-grown leaves. Freshly picked, freshly ground every 2 weeks, freshly packed: from the leaves to your bowl - nothing fresher than IKKYU matcha!

Matcha (抹茶) is a delicious powdered green tea made from shaded leaves that provide higher levels of theanine. The taste is elegantly sweet and it creates a relaxing feeling for your body and mind. The powder dissolves in hot water so all of the nutrients are ingested including those not water soluble such as vitamin A, protein, vitamin E, minerals, dietary fibers.

For more information about all the benefits of Matcha get our free Matcha Health Guide.

Its unique characteristics make it a prized beverage for centuries in Japan. Japanese people have been enjoying matcha for centuries during the Tea Ceremony. The quality of your cup depends on how you prepare it.

To get started, you’ll need some key accessories like a chawan (matcha bowl), chashaku (bamboo scoop), a chasen (matcha whisk), and kusenaoshi (chasen holder). We carry handmade chasen made in Takayama, Nara prefecture, with 100% Japanese bamboo! If you’re new to matcha, check out our video below!
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    How to prepare Matcha

    Tea instructor Yuka san and IKKYU team member Jana prepare together a bowl of delicious premium matcha from Yame. They share with you tips and key points to whisk the perfect sweet and healthy matcha.

    You will also learn the name of the different utensils and how to properly use and take care of them. Storing your Matcha is also a key point covered in this full feature video. Have a look and enjoy this moment with a tea instructor directly from Japan translated for you !