Sencha is the most well-known variety of green tea, and the most popular kind in Japan. To  make sencha, tea leaves are steamed within a few hours after harvest to stop the oxidation process, then rolled into needles, thus making sure that the natural green color of the leaves is preserved.

This process also helps the leaves retain their fragrance and components. Our premium collection of sencha comes from all over Kyushu, directly sourced from small single-estate farmers who have spent years pouring their skills and knowledge into their tea.Thanks to a mild climate, sencha from Kyushu region is usually sweeter and richer in umami than in other areas in Japan.

Producers can grow rare and delicate cultivars that yield extraordinary and rare tea. The precious “Shincha” (New Tea) that tea lovers await with trepidation refers usually to the first sencha of the year, made exclusively from leaves plucked during the first harvest. The area of Chiran has the earliest first harvest of the country.
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