The First Organic Green Tea Producer Of Oita


Established in 1963, the Takahashi green tea factory is located in Usuki (Oita pref., Eastern Kyushu) and produces organic green tea since 2001. It was the first green tea farm in Oita to receive the organic JAS certification in 2001.

Takahashi san is now the second generation of his family to lead his business and is specialized in tamaryokucha, a green tea known for its jade color (tama), quite similar to sencha, but whose leaves have a curly shape, and not needle-like.

The very last stage of the processing method is different: the tea leaves are put inside drums and dried with hot air. Takahashi san grows seven different tea cultivars, mainly Yabukita.

Takahashi san is also producing a GABA enhanced green tea and black tea.


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Another Tea Specialty From Kyushu

Tamaryokucha ("coiled tea") is another specialty of Kyushu. It is a high grade green tea, very close to sencha, and is also commonly known as guricha("curly tea").

It has a tangy, berry-like taste, with a long almondy aftertaste and a deep aroma with tones of citrus, grass, and berries.

The leaves are then rolled into "comma" shapes (instead of being kneaded into "needle" shapes, like for sencha). The tea is golden yellow and can be reinfused, with a slightly different taste.

Higashi sonogi is a region specialized in this tea, which is produced by steaming the youngest leaves after the harvest. Thanks to the hard work and skills of Takahishi san, this tea has now also become popular in the Oita prefecture!


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Organic Products Since 2001

Takahashi san’s tamaryokucha is naturally sweet and has a pure aroma. His skilled team works hard to confer to their green tea a sweet and refreshing taste, with high levels of umami thanks to the longer deep-steamed process (Fukamushi). When opening the tea bags, a fruity taste of mango will make your mouth water in anticipation! 

After plucking, the tea leaves are vacuum packed and stored in refrigerators to be transformed, processed and deep-steamed at time of order to guarantee optimum freshness. The tea bags are packed by hand by experienced members of the local community, under perfect sanitary conditions.


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