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Premium White Tea

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An exceptional and exclusive premium white tea from Yame. Sweet, umami-packed, low in caffeine and with high contents of amino acids. Prepare it like a sencha, enjoy it like a gyokuro!

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2023 harvest 

Carefully selected by Tea Master Kiya san, this single-origin, first-flush white tea leaves an unforgettable impression with its powerful umami and sweetness, with no hint of bitterness or astringency.

We recommend letting the water cool down to 60C before pouring over the leaves to enjoy its incredible flavour balance and its silken round texture that will linger in your mouth for a long time. With its high levels of caffeine, it is a tea more suitable for an exceptional morning start.

Don’t hesitate to brew it three or four times in a row, and like with gyokuro, dress up its pale green and golden leaves with salt or ponzu dressing for a delicious and healthy snack afterwards.

Like our two other white teas from Yame, SAYAKA is a wonderful experience for green tea lovers. Also called ‘natural gyokuro’ by tea professionals, it is the perfect introduction to the taste and flavour world of gyokuro.


Net Weight: 50g
Harvest: 2023
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Premium White Tea
Organic: No
Cultivars: White Tea
Conservation: 8 months unopened
Optimal tasting: within 3 weeks after opening

Brewing Instructions

tea leaves Tea for 2
8g / 0.28 oz

water dosimeter Water
160ml / ~5.41 fl oz

tea spoons Temperature
60C / 140F

time iconTime

Tasting Guide

Aromatic Profiles


Kiya Yasuhiko the Third (heir and third owner of Kiya-horyouen) is a certified Japanese Tea Appraiser (out of a total of 39 in Japan). He works to spread new ideas and concepts about Japanese tea and promote Yame tea, gyokuro and tea culture in general.

We are honored to propose Kiya san’s incredible teas and be able to collaborate together on new ways to enjoy green tea by going beyond the traditional approach.

Kiya san has developed exclusive teas for IKKYU. His deep and unique knowledge of tea along with the quality of Kiya san’s products will lift you to the highest levels of Japanese green tea.

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