New Online Shop - Welcome & FAQ

October 2022: Welcome to our new IKKYU shop!

Welcome to our new online tea boutique! Enjoy a new and even more convenient way to browse and purchase the very best of Japanese green tea.

We are delighted to offer you new exciting features to make your experience always more fun and easier, such as:

  • A faster and easier way to add products to your cart and quick checkout
  • Wishlists
  • A clear and easy customer space
  • A reorder option 
  • A loyalty points program generating 5%, 10% and 20% coupons (registration required)
  • Clear and quick view of products and reviews
  • An (authentic!) French version available to customers located outside France 
  • Payment in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, SGD, HKD, depending on your location
  • More mobile friendly
  • And much more!

How to use our loyalty points system

If you create an account, you will earn points with each purchase and successful referral. You can redeem discount coupons with your loyalty points:

  • 1500 points: 5% off
  • 3000 points: 10% off
  • 4500 points: 15% off
  • 6000 points: 20% off

Transform your points into a coupon, then either click "apply to checkout", or copy-paste the coupon code to insert it at time of checkout. Your coupon will only show in your checkout page, not in your cart.

You can also decide to use this coupon later. In that case, the coupon you created but didn't use will be available as a Reward at the bottom of your Loyalty window.

Watch this short video to see the process.


To our returning customers - New account FAQ

What happened to my account?

Your account and shipping information have been transferred to the new shop.

Do I need to do something about my account?

Yes, there is a small step that is needed on your end to complete your account transfer.

What should I do ?

You received an e-mail on the day the new shop went live. This email included an activation link to use to log into your account. By clicking on the activation link, it will lead you to a landing page on our shop.

You will be asked for a new password, this is normal.

Feel free to watch this short video to see how this process works.

Why is the transfer not automatic?

While we can transfer all your account information, for obvious security reasons your password cannot be transferred (it is encrypted). The activation link is a way to ensure your data security as it is linked to your e-mail address and allows you to reset your password in an easy way.

I did not receive an activation link what should I do?

First, check in your spam folder. While we use marketing tools with the highest certification levels, your security settings may have flagged our e-mail as spam.

If not, simply contact us at ikkyu(at) We will resend you an e-mail with your activation code and help you out.

Hey, wait... what about my loyalty points ?

Your loyalty points are also transferred, and you will get an additional 500 points to your latest total.

Something is not working, what should I do ?

With any migration to a new system, we expect a few bumps here and there, even though we tried to make it as easy and flawless as possible.

If you encounter any problem, please let us know, we will do our utmost to resolve any issue and to help you as quickly as possible. You can contact us at ikkyu(at) (our time zone is Japan, so it may take up to 8h to get back to you).

Why did you change your shop?

Our old shop platform had become too time consuming for us to maintain and was slowing us down for many other exciting projects related to our core passion: green tea!

Finding new teas, visit our network of producers, taking pictures and sharing content with you is our prime motivation. We are a family-run business and each of us wears many hats (but who doesn't? It's 2022).

This new platform not only brings you new features and an easier way to find and read about our products, but also allow us to find new exclusive teas for you.


I tried to sign-in but got a message telling me that my e-mail is already taken, so I cannot reset my password. 

That is normal, and don't worry nobody has taken your account. You might be trying to sign-in without having used your activation link (see above).

What it means is that your customer information is registered with us but has not been changed into an active account in our new shop. 

What can I do to get my account back in that case ? 

You have two solutions:

1) contact us by email (ikkyu(at) and ask for a new activation link,


2) go to the account registration page, insert your Name, Last Name, E-mail and Password (any new password) and hit the create button. The system will link your data automatically.

My loyalty points are different from what I expected

We added 500 points to all our customers' current total.

If your total seems less than what you had in mind, it may be because you used different e-mails for checking-out in our previous shop and we only imported the e-mail used with your latest order.

In that case, please contact us, we still have all your information stored. 

So, they said my password was here ?