A Well-Known Figure In Higashi-Sonogi


The tea factory of Nakayama family has been in operations for 70 years in Higashi Sonogi. Their tea fields cover about 600 ha. The Nakayama family is strongly committed in favor of practicing an environment-friendly agriculture.

To preserve their land and its soil, they use only organic fertilizers that they prepare themselves. To fight against a failing domestic demand for green tea, the Nakayama family works hard to improve communication and build partnerships with other tea farmers as well as actors in other industries.

They organize regularly workshops about green tea and wish to make their area better known overseas.


Nakayama san's tea won the Award of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries



Another Tea Specialty From Kyushu

Tamaryokucha ("coiled tea") is another specialty of Kyushu. It is a high grade green tea, very close to sencha, and is also commonly known as guricha("curly tea").

It has a tangy, berry-like taste, with a long almondy aftertaste and a deep aroma with tones of citrus, grass, and berries.

The leaves are then rolled into "comma" shapes (instead of being kneaded into "needle" shapes, like for sencha). The tea is golden yellow and can be reinfused, with a slightly different taste.

Higashi sonogi is a region specialized in this tea, which is produced by steaming the youngest leaves after the harvest.


Over 500 Years Of Tea History


Like Opening A Bag Of Fruits

The leaves of “Sonogi Tea” are kept whole and rolled to gather up each leaf. This process, which makes a type of tea called “Tamaryokucha (Steamed Rolled Tea)”, borrows from traditional tea roasting methods which came to Japan from China and Korea. This method reduces the bitterness of the tea leaves for a smoother finish. 

Young tea leaves prepared this way unfold slowly when steeped in a teapot, bringing out a sweetness, rich flavors and aromas that everyone enjoy. 

The blends prepared by Nakayama san contain a lot of amino acids. These levels are achieved by covering the new shoots of the tea trees, and using the sweet cultivar “Sae midori”. IKKI Shiraore will impress you upon opening the bag with its incredible fruity notes. Perfect for cold brew too !