Third Generation And Going !


"We have been farming green tea for three generations and hope to continue to do so for many more to come ! We also want to promote and actively practice environmentally friendly agriculture, which is why we have been certified as "Eco Farmers".

"Eco-Farmer" is the nickname given to farmers whose sustainable farming plans are certified by the prefectural governor and by following a set of guidelines in order to use a little fertilizers and other agrichemicals as possible through the use of natural compost and natural enemy insects.

We are proud to have obtained it and are working hard to bring you the best products in your cup !"



An Unmatched Variety

Thanks to its mild climate, in addition to the widely known Yabukita, the region grows a large scope of tea cultivars: the rich Yutaka Midori with its intense aroma and high levels of catechins, the bright and sweet Sae Midori with its nice smell and high contents of theanin and amino acid, as well as the rare Asatsuyu, known as the “natural Gyokuro”, with its fragrant aroma and thick sweetness.

Covering 3,454 hectares and with four crops a year, this region is the largest producer of green tea in Japan.


First Harvest In Japan


A Long Tradition Of Tea Farming

Chiran tea is the result of the common efforts of three long-established tea communities located in Minamikyushu, Kagoshima.

Ei, Kawanabe and Chiran communities have a long and deeply rooted history with tea, starting in Kawanabe in 1659 by Samurai families (you can still visit samurai houses in Chiran).

Today,845 producers supply 129 factories with a large scope of cultivars. Their work and dedication to making the  nest grade of tea are recognized by the number of awards that Chiran tea has received in prefecture and nation-wide competitions (over 140 !).

Making good use of the exceptional climate blessing the region, the producers are steadily giving more and more importance to growing more delicate, but tastier and healthier, tea cultivars such as Sae Midori and Asatsuyu.


Rare Cultivars Blended For The Perfect Mix

We grow several different tea cultivars like “Yutaka Midori”, “Yabukita”, “Sae Midori",  "Asa Tsuyu” that all have different fragrances but that also need different care and requirements.

This allow us to produce unique teas by blending them and utilizing the characteristics (aroma, taste, color of tea) of the cultivars.