Sencha green tea leaves from Japan


High-Grade organic Sencha

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Refreshing and sweet, this organic tea is packed with umami. A high-grade deep-steamed sencha that can be enjoyed in the early afternoon.

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First harvest tea (shincha 2023)

This delicious organic sencha from Chiran area (Kagoshima) is from the second harvest of the year and prepared by Orita san, one of the first tea growers to switch to organic farming in Japan. This high-grade green tea can be brewed very quickly, in just 40 seconds. Because of its low caffeine levels, it can be enjoyed any time during the day.

Its very high levels of theanine and catechines guarantee high contents of amino acids and antioxidants, but also a very nice feeling of relaxation. Although its bitterness is obvious, its lightly roasted fragrance and low-key umami make this green tea the perfect match for a well-deserved break with some sweets.


Net Weight: 50g
Harvest: 2023
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Chiran
Quality and type: High-Grade Sencha
Organic: Yes JAS
Cultivars: Kanaya-Midori
Conservation: 1 year unopened
Optimal tasting: within 6 weeks after opening

Producer Information


Orita Nobuo san was 24 years-old when he inherited his family tea farm and factory from his father, in 1970. Established in 1960, Orita-en tea plantation decided to turn to organic tea already in the 1970s, but it took them 20 years of trial and errors to find the right method that would yield a satisfactory result. They received the JAS organic certification in 2000 when it was first launched.

The fields of Orita-en cover 25 ha in Chiran area. Their teas benefits from the rich soil and the mild climate of the Kagoshima peninsula. Their products are the results of both a great environment and careful work. Tea trees that grow according to organic standards and methods tend to become deficient because their metabolism is activated and requires a large amount of nutrients and trace elements.

Relying on scientific data, Orita-en selects the type and quantity of nutrients necessary by performing original soil analysis and fertilisation design. Using microorganisms, they can achieve synergy with fertiliser agents and obtain a highly efficient control.

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