Kamairicha is a rare green tea: it accounts for only 2% of all Japanese tea production and is a specialty of Kyushu. Following a centuries-old tradition, this delicacy is made by pan-frying tea leaves in an iron vessel at 300-450°C.

The result is a yellow-green, refreshing, smooth tea with a mildly roasted and rich flavor, with no astringency. Kamairi cha is also known as the “Chinese green tea” in Japan, as the process used to make it was first developed in China. Originally a specialty of Saga prefecture where only a handful factories remain, kamairicha is now also found in a few tea farms in Miyazaki prefecture.

Only a few skillful tea growers still possess the expertise required to produce this tea. IKKYU is delighted to propose some of the best kamairicha of Kyushu to spread awareness about this rare delicacy around the world.
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