4th Generation Of Tea Masters


Koga Kumiko san represents the fourth generation at her family business KOGACHA GYO in Yame, Fukuoka. Working alongside her mother, president of the company, and her father, director of operations, she is a tea instructor.

Dedicated to lead her company through the challenges of the green tea industry in the 21st century, she is in charge of overseas sales. She also travels around the world to give tea seminars to introduce Yame green tea to foreign tea lovers.



80 Years Of Know-How

KOGACHAGYO are among the leaders of the green tea industry in Fukuoka prefecture. Applying the most stringent tests and ISO 9001 certified, they are proud to be among the few in Kyushu offering a wide range of delicious organic green tea, as well as EU-certified sencha and gyokuro.

Founded in 1938, they are today a dedicated team of 30 tea professionals led by the Koga family under the direction of Koga Satoko, president and CEO, and Koga Masahiro, executive director.

Their skills and expertise are recognised at the highest levels: their gyokuro wins regularly the top prizes at national competitions and their sencha is served in the luxury train « Seven Stars in Kyushu »


An Ideal Climate


A Family Business And Know-How

Koga cha gyo is a family business. The expertise of the Koga family is poured into each and every type of green tea they make, all of them a perfect example of what Yame tea does best.

Their award-winning gyokuro (available in gift), their powerful and fragrant sencha or their incredible organic matcha made from leaves grown in the warm regions of Kagoshima are all bound to amaze you.


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