From the misty vales of Okuyame


Since 1970, Kakuda Seicha has been producing robust, perfectly balanced sencha that are a perfect reflection of their Okuyame origins.

From field to factory, every aspect of the tea cultivation and production process is overseen by the now third-generation Tea Master Kakuda Tatsuya. They attribute their success to two things: the natural blessings of the Okuyame area, and their quantitative approach to tea cultivation.

The Beautiful Area of Okuyame




A Unique Micro Climate

Kakuda Seicha has fields in the towns of Hirokawa and Joyo in the region of Okuyame, a mountainous area of Yame that is frequently wreathed in fog.The moisture-rich growing environment and the natural covering provided by the constant mist allows the leaves to more easily store nutrients. This leads to a deep green color and full-bodied, mellow flavor.

According to Kakuda san, Okuyame tea differs from other Yame leaves in that the flavor’s peak is not during shincha season. Instead, it  is widely recognized as a strong year-round product that has a ripe taste in the fall. Their sencha commands a high price every year, and they maintain a strong regional reputation as a high-quality tea producer.


An Ideal Climate


Highest Grade In Japan

Yame Region is proud of its top production amount of gyokuro (Highest Quality). As much as 45% of all gyokuro available on Japanese market comes from Yame Region. That is the reason Yame is famous and known as one of the few production places of highest quality green tea in Japan.

Yame Gyokuro won Best Prize in the All Japan Green Tea Competition for 12 consecutive years from 2001 to 2012, as well as in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, Yame Green Tea won Best Prize in the sections of both Green Tea (Middle Grade) and Gyokuro Green Tea (Highest Grade).

In 2007, Yame Green Tea took the all the places from the 1st place to the 26th place in the Gyokuro Competition Section, showing its overwhelming excellence over green teas produced in other regions in Japan.


More Theanine For You !

Kakuda Seicha works hard to remain on the cutting edge of tea cultivation, with an eye towards boosted health benefits. Kakuda san’s tea is known for having high levels of theanine, which is thanks to a specialty process that they developed in-house.

In 2022, they published an article on the methods they use to cultivate their tea with both good flavor and low energy cost, boasting a theanine concentration of a whopping 2%, comparable to high-grade matcha.

Theanine, valuable for cognitive functions such as memory and concentration, is a point of interest for Kakuda san, who aims to produce a healthy tea that flourishes in the Okuyame ecosystem.

Their careful concern extends to the processing environment. They were one of the first facilities in Fukuoka to be JGAP certified, meaning they are recognized as an excellent agricultural facility.

This certification requires that they meet various standards, ranging from national guidelines to overseas food sanitation laws, that ensure food and environmental safety.

They attempt to use as few chemicals as possible when raising their tea, and conduct examinations for residual pesticides to ensure the safety and security of their customers.