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Organic Sencha & Tamaryokucha Luxury Gift Set


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2021 Harvest

ORGANIC Luxury Gift Box

This luxury box brings together 3 x 50g of our best organic teas. A wonderful gift to discover the quality and amazing taste of organic tea.

Give your body an extra healthy boost with this selection of delicious organic green tea, all of them among our all-time bestsellers. KAZUYA Competition-grade Sencha, JUN High-grade Sencha and KOJI Premium Tamaryokucha are praised for their sweetness and subtle umami, as well as notes of honey and wildflowers. They are the result of decades of dedication by their producers to bring organic tea to the same gustatory level as regular tea.

The teas are wrapped by an extra thin sheet of traditional Japanese paper (Washi). The box includes a detailed description of each tea, brewing instructions and the producers’ profiles.

About our Luxury Gift Boxes

A IKKYU Luxury Gift Box is the perfect gift for green tea lovers, from the most demanding tea connoisseurs to anyone interested in taking their first steps in this wonderful world of flavors.

Like fine wine or champagne, premium green tea is a delicacy, a precious jewel, that should be celebrated. We carefully selected some of the our best green teas to take you on a gustative journey, filled with sweetness and umami, with hints of wildflowers or fresh vegetables, that will relax and energize your body and mind. 

IKKYU Luxury Gift Boxes take you on a trip to Kyushu. With each sip, you will visit the gentle slopes of Chiran tea fields under the shadow of ancient volcanoes, climb to the top of pristine Yame mountains, or admire the Inner Sea of Japan glistening under the sun in Oita.

100% Japanese tea from Oita and Yame
Quality and Type
High-Grade Organic Sencha, Competition Organic Sencha, Premium organic Tamaryokucha


JUN- Sencha: Yabukita, Sae-Midori
KAZUYA – Sencha: Yabukita, Asatsuyu
KOJI – Tamaryokucha: Yabukita


Tasting Notes for JUN

Tasting Notes for KAZUYA

Tasting Notes for KOJI

Preparation Notes for JUN

Tea for 2
7g /0.25oz

180ml / 6.09oz

70C / 158F


Preparation Notes for KAZUYA

Tea for 2
6-8g /0.21-0.25oz

180ml /6.09oz

60-70C / 140-158F

2 min

Preparation for KOJI

Tea for 2
8g /0.28oz

200ml /6.76oz

80C / 176F

30 s


Irie san became convinced of the health benefits of green tea when, at 20, he suffered from gallstones and recovered quickly thanks to taking up to drinking green tea from his hometown, Yame. 

For 35 years now, Irie san has invested his time and energy to grow 100% chemical- and pesticide-free green tea. As such, he was one of the first tea producers in Japan to embrace organic tea production. Along with his son, he shows the utmost care for his fields and the environment, and is a fervent defender of sustainable agriculture and tea production.

It took Irie san 5 years to create, plant and grow naturally tea fields at the top of the mountains of the Kuroki village (Yame, Fukuoka prefecture), far from any risk of cross-contamination from other sources. It took him 5 more years to produce a tea that satisfied him fully in terms of quality and taste. 

The Tsuru Cha En plantation was founded in 1959 by the father of the current business owner, Tsuru Kazuyuki san. Since Tsuru san took over the operations in 2007, the tea production has switched to a 100% chemical and pesticide-free process. In 2017, they received the Special Farming Products Certification from Saga prefecture. Today, Tsuru san is one of only four green tea producers in Kyushu, along with Irie san in Yame, who grows tea in a completely pesticide-free manner, bringing him ‘above’ organic standards.

Tsuru san explains: “More than 80% of our tea trees are over fifty years old. Our constant care and pruning have allowed their roots to go deep in the ground, and benefit from all the advantages of a soil rich in nutrients. The trees absorb large quantities of minerals, making them resistant to insects and illness, even without the use of any pesticides.

Established in 1963, the Takahashi green tea factory is located in Usuki (Oita pref., Eastern Kyushu) and produces organic green tea since 2001. It was the first green tea farm in Oita to receive the organic JAS certification in 2001. 

Takahashi san is now the second generation of his family to lead his business and is specialized in tamaryokucha, a green tea known for its jade color (tama), quite similar to sencha, but whose leaves have a curly shape, and not needle-like. 

The very last stage of the processing method is different: the tea leaves are put inside drums and dried with hot air.

Takahashi san grows seven different tea cultivars, mainly Yabukita.

Conservation & Packing

1 Year

6 weeks

Resealable vacuum bag, or aluminium bag with neutral gaz for best preservation.



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"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu




Stay up to date on our new arrivals, promotions and Japanese culture


"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu


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