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Limited Special Edition

A limited-edition competition-grade Dento Hon Gyokuro from Yame. A blend of yamakai and kanaya midori, a concentration of umami and sweetness that comes in 5 bags of 8g in a beautiful wooden box. Only 9 available !

Front side of a small and delicate grey handmade cup for drinking gyokuro green tea, made in Koishiwara, Fukuoka, Japan by Onimaru the Second


Premium Organic Hojicha

A unique premium organic houjicha from Yame, packed with flavor. Made from first-harvest green tea, with no pesticide nor chemicals.

Japanese green tea bag wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper for a premium grade gyokuro from Saga, Japan, named 'KAZUHIRO'. The package is made of a washi sheet, a washi obi and inner information sheet.


First Harvest Available

Our first teas from the freshly picked first harvest 2020 is now available. Have a look and enjoy our special wrapping.


Premium White Tea

An exceptional and exclusive premium white tea from Yame. Sweet, umami-packed, low in caffeine and with high contents of amino acids. Prepare it like a sencha, enjoy it like a gyokuro!


Handcrafted Gyokuro Cup

Exclusive on IKKYU! A beautiful handcrafted gyokuro cup designed to enhance its aroma and taste, made by one of the most gifted pottery makers of Japan.  


Premium Organic Gyokuro

A rare and 100% organic gyokuro, sweet with a touch of bitterness, with a floral aftertaste, woody note and beautiful golden hue.

Japanese green tea bag wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper for a premium grade gyokuro from Saga, Japan, named 'KAZUHIRO'. The package is made of a washi sheet, a washi obi and inner information sheet.


Only Green Tea, All Green Teas

All of our teas are directly sourced from the farmers and we are proud to offer the widest selection of green-tea types in Kyushu for you: Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Sencha, Matcha, Shiraore, as well as less known but extraordinary types, Tamaryokucha, Kamairicha a rare specialty tea from Kyushu and white green-tea.

We have toured all the prefectures of Kyushu to meet dedicated and enthusiastic producers who are delighted to share their teas with buyers overseas. Since we all live in Kyushu, we have this extraordinary chance to visit the areas and producers all year long and build a true relationship with them. For many of the producers, IKKYU is their only way to reach out foreign audience, and we are the story tellers of their success abroad. Take the time to hear their story and let them show you their beautiful land.

All our teas are packed by the producers themselves for optimal conservation and then wrapped by IKKYU. By the way, our packaging is very special: we wish to offer you a complete experience with not only great tea, but also beautiful wrapping for your own pleasure or for making a nice present to your friends, family or even colleagues. And as usual, our site is free of any pop-up window, enjoy this calm visit into the realm of the finest Japanese green tea.


IKKYU green teas are all of impeccable quality, we only focus on premium grade teas. They are picked and processed with the utmost care by our partner producers who pack them on site before supplying us.

Whether you are looking for delicious teas to drink every day, or some more exceptional and rare brews, IKKYU green teas are just for you.


IKKYU offers you a wide and diverse choice of Japanese green teas. Many of them are still barely known overseas. You will find here teas as different as matcha, tamaryokucha, sencha or dento hon gyokuro : the king of all green teas.

For many of them, it is the first time that they are made available to customers outside Japan.


Our dynamic and experienced team is at your disposal, and will handle all your inquiries, directly from Japan.

Are you looking for a specific tea? A particular taste? You have questions about the health benefits of green tea? You would like to make a gift but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and we will get back to you right away.



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"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water,
then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know."
Sen no Rikyu


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