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White Tea Cup

White Tea Cup
White Tea Cup
White Tea Cup
White Tea Cup
White Tea Cup
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Handmade by Yamashita san, this tea cup in clay is a great example of the famous Kohiki style, a specialty of the kilns of Karatsu area.

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This handmade tea cup is a perfect example of craftsmanship of the kilns of Karatsu area, Saga pref. (northern Kyushu). Its white color, ranging from cream to pearl, is typical of the Kohiki style, a specialty of Karatsu ware.
You will enjoy its rough glaze and its white color will let you admire the emerald green of your favorite sencha or kamairicha.
Diameter: 9 cm,
Height: 6.5 cm
Capacity: 100 ml/3.38oz
About Kohiki Karatsu style
For making Kohiri ware, potters apply a white slip over a leather hard high iron clay body. After drying, a thin layer of clear feldspar or ash glaze is applied.
Inspired by ancient Korean pottery traditions, the Kohiki style has been incorporated into Karatsu ware more recently than other styles. It is closely associated with tea, as it appealed to many warriors of the late 1500s who loved drinking green tea.


Net Weight:
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from
Quality and type:
Conservation: unopened
Optimal tasting: within after opening

Tasting Guide

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Producer Information


Following on the footsteps of his father, Yamashita san has been creating Chosen Karatsu ware for nearly 30 years now. IKKYU is delighted to propose his wonderful craft to overseas tea lovers for the first time. His pottery is heated in a traditional climbing kiln made of refractory bricks, and fired by groups of potters.

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