Handcrafted Japanese tea cup Dark Brown

Kaoru Cup
Handcrafted Japanese tea cup Dark Brown - japanese green tea Handcrafted Japanese tea cup Dark Brown
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We are proud to offer for the first time to green tea lovers all around the world the best cup out there to enjoy all the fragrances of premium green tea.
Directly inspired by the shape of wine glasses, this cup, called “Kaoru cup” which can be translated to Aroma cup, is designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of green tea.
The shape of the cup concentrates the fragrance of the tea just on your nose and the very thin and skillfully crafted lip will enhance the flow of liquid. Your tea experience will improve in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for you to drink your tea in another cup. This is our first-hand experience!
Many Japanese use this cup also for coffee, other hot or cold beverages such as beer!
Each cup is hand-made by the Onimaru Kiln, following the Takatori style tradition, in the village of Koishiwara. The village of Koishiwara is famous all over Japan for the quality of its pottery production, and the Onimaru Kiln is at its 3rd generation of producing unique pieces, since 1912. They are renowned for being ambitious, inventive and to produce the highest quality pottery.

Each cup comes with a wood box signed at the kiln. It is a great way to store your cup and protect it. It makes also a great presentation for a gift and is the insurance that you are buying a carefully handcrafted Japanese product.

We have this cup available in 3 colors, Red, white and dark brown.

Dark Brown: Dark, yet very shinny because of its glaze, this cup reminds of the luxury of the traditional Japanese lacquer-ware.
Height: 8,5cm (3,35in)
Weight: 190g (6,8oz)
For best results, fill about half of the cup (120ml of tea).

Note that since they are handcrafted product, the color, shape and size of these cups might slightly differ from the pictures.



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