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An outstanding premium matcha, packed with caffeine and theanine for maximum focus and energy. Sweet and fragrant with a touch of bitterness.

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TSUYOSHI is an exceptional and rare ceremonial-grade matcha carefully prepared by Mizota san in Yame.

Made from the first harvest of the year, its high caffeine and theanine levels offer your body and mind what you need to reach your maximum focus. Sweet with a nice hint of bitterness and a delicious mellowness.

A delicious and beautiful treat. Here is what our tea instructor Yuka san says about TSUYOSHI: “It is a distinguished matcha, light, with a pleasant round and astringent taste with a sweet and refreshing aftertaste. Its flavors are sophisticated with creamy and slightly vegetal notes. It is also good for usucha (light matcha) and koicha (strong matcha). As koicha, its flavors are intense, rich and excellent!”

Like for all matcha, please store TSUYOSHI in your fridge and keep it away from heat sources and sunlight.

Weight: 20g/0.70oz

Food pairing recommendations

You may enjoy this matcha by itself or pair it with something simple like a wagashi or a piece of chocolate. 

For even more information and guidance on Tsuyoshi, you can enjoy the complete review by Alex Ahearn in our tasting corner.


Net Weight: 20g
Harvest: 2022
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Yame
Quality and type: Premium Matcha
Organic: No
Cultivars: Yabukita
Conservation: 6 months unopened
Optimal tasting: within 3 weeks after opening

Producer Information


Mizota Chisako san was born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1937. She got married at age of 19 and began to farm green tea. She worked hard every day, even when it was rainy or windy. The couple decided to open a tiny tea shop.

After her husband won the top prize of the All Japan Green Tea Competition, a government award, their green tea became a sensation throughout all Japan.

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