Kamairicha green tea leaves from Japan


Competition Kamairicha

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This award-winning, competition-grade kamairicha takes you on a unique flavor journey. Enjoy its sweetness, chestnut and fruity notes.

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First harvest 2023

1st place, kamairicha category, Japan National Tea competition, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

Award-winning, competition-grade kamairicha SHINO from Ureshino in Saga has been crowned as the best kamairicha of Japan for several years in a row now. Its pan-fried leaves take you on a wonderful flavor journey, quite different from the usual green tea experience. Lovers of oolong tea will enjoy the parallels.

From the moment you open a bag of SHINO, chestnut and fruity notes will greet you, and you will appreciate the subtle charcoal fragrance reminding you of its unique production process. In your cup, its pure gold will delight your eyes. Its sweetness highlighted by a very nice astringency reflects the skills of Akizuki san and his partners.


Net Weight: 50g
Harvest: 2023
Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Saga
Quality and type: Competition Kamairicha
Organic: No
Cultivars: Yabukita
Conservation: 1 year unopened
Optimal tasting: within 6 weeks after opening

Brewing Instructions

tea spoons Tea for 2
3g / 0.10 oz

water dosimeter Water
100ml / ~ 3.38 fl oz

tea spoons Temperature
80C / 176F

time iconTime

Aromatic Profiles

Body level Body
Floral aroma floral
Umami level Umami
Fruity aroma Fruity


roast tasting Roasted
nutty tasting Nutty
woody tasting Woody / Earthy
woody tasting Vegetal
woody tasting Grassy

Producer Information


After years of painstaking work in his tea fields and tea factory, Ajizuki san had decided to retire. Then a new initiative to save the Kamairicha (pan-fried tea) technique motivated him to come out from retirement and join forces with three other friends, creating the Ureshino Southern Kamairicha Tea Industry Association, to produce top-quality Kamairicha in Ureshino, Saga prefecture.

In 2001, they launched the "Ureshino Southern Kamairicha Association". In 2003, thanks to public and industrial support, including machine makers, a new production line was created to produce an improved and more stable tea quality, which was one of the major issues in the past. Their efforts and amazing skills were quickly recognised: in 2006, the Association won the 1st prize at the National Tea Fair. Since then, they have collected 8 other top prizes at national-level competitions.

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